Six Must-Haves for Any Medicine Cabinet

First aid is important as a parent, here's some tips from Nancy Evans on some basic first aid things to have in your medicine cabinet.

Children can be a handful. They are loud, energetic, and playful. They brighten our lives and we love them for that. Unfortunately, our favorite people can get sick or hurt from all the energy. While children can be expensive, their health is not something to skimp out on. Here are five must-haves for any medicine cabinet.

#1 Skin Glue

Unfortunately, sometimes our children's roughhousing can be too rough. A skinned knee can be fixed with a bandage and a kiss from mom, but a cut on the forehead? That can prove to be a little harder to deal with.

If your child plays rough and is at risk of needing stitches, then you need to keep skin glue in your medicine cabinet. It will allow you to self-treat minor injuries that look too big for Band-Aids but too small for stitches. It will also allow you to temporarily treat a wound while you travel to a doctor. This can help your child stay calm about the injuryand will keep your car blood-free. That is a double whammy.

#2 Acetaminophen
I am sure all of us have aspirin in our homes. While that is good, it can cause us to overlook important medications like acetaminophen. This can often be at a detriment to our children.
Unlike aspirin, which is just a pain reliever, Acetaminophen is a great pain reliever and fever reducer.
This makes it a great choice to have in the medicine cabinet. It can help your children get through headaches, fever, and even allergies. Just be warned. While it is safe for your children, you should probably avoid taking acetaminophen while pregnant.

#3 Band-Aids

Adults accidentally cut themselves all the time, whether it is shaving or in the kitchen. Generally, these cuts come from carelessness and not paying enough attention to the task at hand. It seems our children mimic this behavior as well.

Children do not seem to have a care in the world when it comes to their health. They run around barefoot, climb bushes, jump from trees, and roll around in the gravel. Obviously, they are going to get cut once or twice. It is beneficial to keep a package of Band-Aids around just for those occasions.

#4 Thermometer

In order to properly medicate your children, you first need to know the severity of the illness. This is especially important for things like a fever. If it is a low fever, you can handle it yourself. But for something bigger, you will need to seek professional help.

For this, you need a thermometer. The thermometer will give you the ability to determine whether your child is uncomfortably warm or dangerously warm. Thankfully, fevers need to reach over 107 degrees before they cause brain damage, so you do not need to worry too much. However, if your child has a fever over 102, you should still seek professional medical advice.

#5 Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has been used medicinally for thousands of years, meaning you can trust it. It is a must have for any home with an outdoor lifestyle. To me, that sounds perfect for homes with children.
Aloe vera has medicinal properties that make it perfect for treating sunburns and bug bites. It is a natural anti-itch cream, making the whole experience less painful, and it helps burns to heal quicker, making it perfect for heat burns and sunburns. Just those effects alone make it perfect for any home with active children.

#6 Tweezers

Lastly, children run around barefoot far more than we would like them too. They will never fully respect our wishes for them to wear at least socks. We need to be prepared for the consequences of their activities.

Tweezers are perfect for pulling thorns or slivers out of hard to reach areas. They are also perfect for removing splinters from the bottom of a foot, which is surprisingly difficult. To keep your little tike laughing, running around, and having fun, you should definitely have a pair in the house.

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