Why We Started SmartSavers

We all are looking to save money, and many of us know that we possibly could be paying less for different things, but don't have the time, energy, or ability to lower them. Or they have phone phobia. Enter SmartSavers, the company that does the work for you, so you can save money each month, without all hassles. Here's more about them, from the founder.

I was sick to my stomach every time I had to pay bills for TV, WIFI, Internet, and Security because they were just so high. Due to these high four high bills, I was having trouble paying for my car, and the one thing I cherish the most was that I could not even take a vacation with my family anymore! I had to figure out a way to save money on these. I started doing research and realized that these bills are actually negotiable but no walk in the park. It is a real fight and a time consuming process. I really had to learn and figure out the right way to get these companies to be willing to negotiate without having to change my plans; after much trial and error, I figured it out.

 I go over to a friend’s house of mine by the name of Milam every Sunday for breakfast. One particular Sunday, I noticed Milam’s bills for WIFI/TV/Internet/Security on his kitchen counter. Based on my recent experience from negotiating my own bills, I knew Milam was overpaying and I told him this. Milam looked at me and said, please call them for me! I proceeded to call all his current providers and was able to save him $1,865 per year without changing anything about his services. He was so thankful!

 Having been a lifelong entrepreneur, it appeared to me there was a need not being fulfilled in the marketplace, so I started SmartSavers. Through experience we have learned what each provider will negotiate your bills down to. We are now the experts on negotiating your bills to the lowest possible level. With SmartSavers we only charge a modest fee of 29% of what you save. SmartSavers is averaging $1000 of savings per year per customer and we have an 95% success rate. SmartSavers is truly the smart way to save.

Paul Billings,

To start saving today, send an email to Smartsavers by clicking here or sending to this address: SmartSavers456@gmail.com or call 214-991-2558.

Their website will be live very soon, and I'll update this post when it is live, but I didn't want to wait until then for you to be able to benefit.

Start saving today!

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