5 Products and Methods to Make a Frugal Lifestyle Easier

I'm very big into gadgets to make frugal life easier. For example, I have a whole post on frugal kitchen gadgets to help you save money. Here's some other ideas of gadgets from a reader that help you save money in your home.

Living frugal sometimes means having to sacrifice a number of things and reimagine what you consider a necessity vs. a luxury. Fortunately, there are plenty of innovative products on the market that make frugality much easier and don’t ask you to give anything up. Here are some of these products and some over frugal living tips:

Make Your Own Coffee

Having a cup of coffee is a daily ritual for many people. Some people even keep a monthly tab going for coffee purchases. Whether it’s because they don’t have much time in the morning or they just enjoy grabbing a cup of coffee on-the-go, this type of lifestyle isn’t sustainable.

One of the easiest ways to save a significant amount of money without sacrificing something is to make your own coffee at home. Coffee from a shop is often overpriced, and if you consider the markups these stores charge for the cup it’s served in, it’s not worth it.

Visit makawaoroasting.com to browse their selection of coffee blends and coffee mugs. Not only will you be avoiding markups associated with single-use containers, but you’re making a sustainable choice for the environment, which is cost-efficient in its own right.

Purchase a Flipping Cap System

One of the biggest ways that people produce waste without even realizing it is throwing away condiment bottles before they’re truly empty. This happens because it’s hard to squeeze out every last drop since it sometimes gets stuck in the bottom.

You can purchase a flipping cap system that holds your bottles and allows you to store them upside down. This way, the condiment sits toward the top of the container as opposed to the bottom. This method saves you money because you won’t have to repurchase condiments as frequently.

Monitor Your Energy Consumption

Using too much electricity can cost you a lot of money. By purchasing an energy usage monitor, you’ll get to see your actual energy costs and consumption over a 24-hour period. If you have older appliances, it may actually cost you less to replace them than it would to keep paying their electricity costs. These are things you wouldn’t be aware of unless you had a monitor.

This tool allows you to make all of the adjustments that you feel would make your lifestyle less expensive. Without this valuable insight, you may be paying too much for electricity.

Vacuum-seal Your Food

Food waste is another big expense. Not only does investing in one of these allow you to reduce food waste, but you can buy food in bulk and store it this way. Buying in bulk is a surefire way to save significant sums of money.

If there’s a particular meal that you and your family love, vacuum-sealing batches of it is an easy way to ensure you have a tasty meal available at all times. Storing food in containers or zip-loc bags isn’t as secure as using a vacuum-sealer. Purchasing one will make your food last longer and your money stretch further.

Switch to LED Bulbs

Energy is one of the largest expenses in a home. If your home uses incandescent bulbs, it’s time to switch to LED. LED bulbs use only 10% of the energy that incandescent bulbs use. Switching to these is one of the easiest and most effective ways to live a frugal lifestyle without compromising on anything.

Converting your home to LED lighting could save you hundreds of dollars every year, so consider purchasing new bulbs for all of the light fixtures in your home. The quality of LED’s has improved significantly over time, meaning they perform just as well as other types.

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