Books, Books, and More Books!

I've written before about the book stop in the city nearest to my house, the old bus stop that was turned into a library where you take what you want and leave what you want, no limits, no rules.

While its really amazing, because I am an avid reader, and have no good English public library available near me, its on the other end of the city from where I live, and I don't usually get around to stopping there. And when I am in the area, I don't always have the means to carry things to or from the book stop.

However, recently I was in the area, and I had a backpack, and a little extra time, so I said I'd pop over quickly to see what they had. I was hoping to grab maybe two or three books...

And then I came home with lots more, as you can see.

It really wasn't easy to carry it home, and by the time I made it home with them as well as the rest of the things I got (more on that in another post) my back was hurting, but it was worth it for the amount of joy these books will bring.

First is two books in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series that my sons are obsessed with. And Mary Poppins, which I've seen multiple times but never read. We just started reading it together as a family. (Jane and Michael have twin siblings?!!?! That didn't make it into the movie!)

Then its these great sounding fiction books, including one I'd heard of a lot.

These books seemed like they belonged together, never heard of them before but they sounded like a fun read.

I really love mysteries and action and suspense novels, and many of these authors are ones I particularly enjoy, so I know these will be awesome.

Memoirs and cookbooks that also sounded great.

Yes, I do wish I had a library, so I could go and request certain books, and read series from start to finish. But because we don't, I am so glad that I have this bus stop book stop in my life, even if its a bit out of the way, and even if I can only make it there occasionally.

Got any good books lately? Either free, second hand, from the library, or borrowed from a friend? What were they? Read any of these?

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  1. I love to read and always have books by my chair,by the bed, and in my purse. Sometimes when in vehicle waiting on husband I run out of things to read or at night when I don't want to have a light on I will read the books I have stored on my phone. I downloaded kindle app for free from Amazon (or play store). I use Freebooksy to get ebooks. You sign up ( free) and choose types of books you like. Each day you get a email with a detailed list of free ebooks to choose from. No limit! I have over 300 saved in kindle. Takes seconds to download and I can read offline anytime and for as long as I like. When I finish a book I hit delete. The kindle also tells me when I click on a book I already read or have in my cache. Like you I love mysteries and thrillers!

  2. Great score! We have a little library in my town, and I have found many treasures for free there. My son is very technically minded, and I found him a Ripley's Believe It Or Not fact book about machines which he was so pleased with. They usually retail for over $30 in my country.

  3. I've read Don't Let Go, the Coben book. Love his work.

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