Fun Activities With the Kids This Weekend

I'm currently out camping with my children and it's really nice to see girl occupying themselves without the use of screens. (To be honest it's also nice to entertain myself without screens.) If you want some ideas of fun screen free frugal activities to do with your children, here are some ideas from a reader.

The last thing we want is our children spending too much time behind a TV screen, bored, with nothing better to do. There can be a lot of pressure though, to spend money to have fun. Money can be difficult for all of us to come by these days, and no parent should have to break the bank simply to show their children a good time. So, if you find yourself facing this exact problem with your children, try not to worry too much. If none of the other options appeal to you, you can always find some inexpensive toys at FuntasticToy. Here is a great list of inexpensive and free activities that you and your children can enjoy together, over the weekend!

*Zoo Trip
The first fun weekend activity, on our list, is planning a trip to the zoo! When it comes to the zoo, you get the bang for your buck! Most zoos charge a small admission fee to get in. You can even find cheaper package prices if you’re buying for your whole family. Some zoos will let your child even get in for free if they are under a certain age. In any case, it won’t break the bank, and you and your kids can have fun all day long! The zoo is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, see the amazing wildlife, take tons of pictures, and make unforgettable memories.

*Picnic At The Park
The next fun weekend activity is going on a picnic. Check your local area for public parks and plan a wonderful afternoon there. You can share stories while you eat your packed lunch, walk around the park and take in the beautiful nature, and the greatest part is that it won’t cost you a cent. Most public parks are open to the public and do not charge any kind of fee to get in. You can simply come and enjoy it. If you want to, you can always stop off at a nearby store and grab some inexpensive toys for them to play with. Nothing goes better with a picnic than bubble blowing and squirt guns.

*Board Games
Another inexpensive and fun weekend activity for you and your children is playing board games together. You can go to just about any superstore and find a great selection of board games. Playing a board game with your kids can be hours of laughs and fun. It’s also cool to know that some board games will even improve thinking skills and teach things like strategy and patience

*Arts and Crafts.
If you’re willing to spend a little bit, you can go out and get some art supplies and let your kids do arts and crafts. You can look up hundreds of different arts and crafts projects that you can do with your children. Many of them are fairly inexpensive to create too. You don’t need to break the bank to find some neat stuff either. Thrift stores and dollar stores usually have a lot of arts and crafts supplies that you can buy for really inexpensive. So, break out that glitter and glue and make an afternoon out of it.

The last activity on our list is planning a cooking activity. You have to make dinner anyway, right? So, why not turn it into a fun activity. Plan a special meal, once a week, that is something you and your kids love. Then have them in the kitchen with you to help make it. Let them add the spices or stir the pot for you. You will turn, what is typically a mundane task, into a special family activity and your kids will love it.

Hopefully, you find these activities to be just as wonderful for weekend plans as I do. You don’t need to drain your pocketbook to create memories. Sometimes, the best memories are just spending time with you, even in little ways.

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