Maximize Organic Food Shelf Life with Flexible Packaging

As a frugal person, nothing is more annoying than buying something and having it spoil on me. Its literally throwing out money then. Here's some ideas on how to increase shelf life of your food via special packaging.

Organic foods are often less processed than other foods and contain fewer preservatives. No matter how a supplement or packaged food company prepares and packs organic ingredients for market, it is important to ensure that packaging works for products rather than against them when it comes to maintaining quality. Find out how flexible packaging printing can sustain high product quality and prolong shelf life.

Seal Out Air and Moisture

Airtight packaging is crucial for maintaining the appearance and potency of most natural ingredients. Exposure to air causes oxidation, and moisture can make organic ingredients prematurely mold or spoil. The best organic food packaging designs can remain airtight and moisture-free until opened by consumers.

Flexible pouches are durable and lightweight and excellent for preventing contamination or product degradation. Organic food companies may also prefer this package style because it has a lighter environmental impact than aluminum, glass or other types of plastic. In addition to being durable and lightweight, supplement and packaged food producers can also trust that these bags are less likely to break or wear down during shipping and expose contents to oxidation and ambient moisture in shipping, storage or retail environments.

Keep Out Light

Flexible packaging printing on an opaque bag design can be ideal for presenting products in the best light while preserving contents. Although consumers may appreciate the ability to see some ingredients that are not overly photosensitive, there are many digital pouch printing options that enable organic food brands to depict packaged organic food in the best light without degrading product quality.

Resealable Closure

Packaging organic food products in a protective pouch that can be resealed is the best way to prolong the shelf life of opened natural products. Most natural products degrade rapidly once opened. A number of food and supplement producers print helpful storage information on the bag and may also specify shelf life limitations for open products in addition to an expiration date that applies to the sealed pouch.

Digital Print Design

The ease of flexible packaging printing has made this approach to packaging a popular choice among processors and producers of high-quality organic foods and food-grade supplements. Pouch-style packaging can be airtight, durable and re-sealable in addition to being Earth-friendly. No matter what type of packaged organic food or supplements a brand envisions bringing to market in these innovative designs, printed flexible packaging can be used to accurately and attractively represent any brand and product to consumers.

Organic food and supplement companies that are considering packaging organic food in flexible pouches should seek out a flexible packaging printing service with extensive experience in material selection and design. Industry-leading digital printing services may support variable print data for multiple SKUs or unique bag designs in the same run.

Brands should also consider turnaround and shipping times as well as whether it is possible to order small- to medium-sized resupply orders or package design updates. Packaging and printing services may also offer the option to receive either rollstock or finished pouches that are ready to preserve organic food products during distribution and retail.

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