The Blinged out Bag: Are Designer Diaper Bags Worth The Price?

Once upon a time I thought frugal living meant spending the least amount of money you possibly can on something, always. Then I learned that that is actually false economy, because by getting cheap stuff to begin with, your things end up being worse quality, and you end up needing to replace them more often, and end up spending more money in the long run. In addition, I've begun to believe that you should spend money on something that is important to you, and cut back in other ways to be able to afford that. There's no sin in spending money on something that matters to you as long as you budget it in.
Recently I've been having issues with my pocket books. They always break on me, very soon after buying them. I bought myself a more expensive one hoping it would last and still it died after just a year. People recommended to me that I actually buy myself a designer bag, that they'd probably actually last long enough, and many even recommended getting myself a designer diaper bag, which nowadays ends up being like a large pocketbook, which would be useful to someone like myself who carries around a lot of things.
This post, from a reader, therefore, discussing whether or not designer bags are worth it actually was very timely, because I'm in the process of deciding what to do about a bag for myself, as my newest bag just broke...

A diaper bag is one of the most important and used tools for any mother. You use it daily to carry all your baby’s essentials when you go somewhere together, and it keeps everything safe, organized, and easily within reach. In other words, it keeps you sane. In fact, it’s such an essential tool in helping raise a baby properly that parents are advised to include the cost of a good diaper bag in their financial planning. . You can find some cool diaper bags (and toys) online here.

However, just because the diaper bag is a tool doesn’t mean that it can’t be stylish and chic. There are many designer diaper bags online that are functional and fashionable at the same time. If you’re a fashionista mommy, you might already be dreaming of the perfect designer diaper bag or you’ve even already have your eye on one.

What is a Designer Diaper Bag?

A diaper bag is considered to be “designer” through two means. First, it has to be made from a high-quality material such as leather (yes, even vegan leather is a possible alternative), and it has to feature modern designs and accents that you would normally find in other designer products, such as luxury trim, sophisticated palettes, and recognizable patterns. Second, it should be made by a brand that’s recognized as a luxury brand.

Designer diaper bags have been around as early as 2005, when manufacturers determined that there was a viable market of parents who were willing to pay a premium price for baby care products that were able to blend function and fashion together.

What Makes a Designer Diaper Bag Better Than Your Average Bag?

When you invest in a designer diaper bag, you are actually investing in two things: high-quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship. These two factors are what set any designer item apart from their regular counterparts. If you purchase a diaper bag from a designer label, you can expect that the same high standards were applied to the diaper bag’s raw materials and manufacturing process.

Most high-end designer diaper bags are made of leather. You can find diaper bags that are made from both genuine leather and vegan leather. There are also some brands that are made of high-quality canvass. You can see and feel the difference in the quality of the material between designer diaper bags and regular ones. Designer diaper bags are generally made from thicker and heavier leather, and the surface is often smoother and sturdier. Some of them are even moisture-resistant, which is a huge advantage if you’re changing your baby’s diaper often.

Designer diaper bags are usually hand-crafted. You won’t find bags that are mass-produced on an assembly line! This means that more care and attention is placed into each stage of producing the bag, especially when it comes to putting the bag together. Look closely, and you will find that the stitches are neat and closer together, the seams are stronger, and even the zipper is a stronger and more durable compared to what you would normally find on regular bags.
Aside from those two factors, there are others that make a designer diaper bag attractive to fashion-forward parents:
Designer diaper bags are created with the latest fashion trends in mind, so you won’t find mass-produced or boring styles and patterns.
If you’re the type of person who has a strong love for a certain luxury brand, a designer diaper bag will fit in quite nicely with your aesthetic.
There are luxury companies that offer a limited warranty for their diaper bags. If you want to know whether your preferred luxury brand offers such a warranty, you can find out simply by going to their official website and checking if they provide it.

Have a Long-Term Mindset

Keep in mind that a diaper bag is something that you will use for at least two or three years. You might even use it for longer if you have more than one child. Designer diaper bags can carry a price tag anywhere from $300 on the low end, up to $5000 on the high end. On average, a good-quality designer diaper bag will cost you around $500. While this might seem like a huge figure for a bag, you should consider how long you will end up using it for, and the fact that it’s something that you will use almost, if not, every day. When you really think about it, shelling around $500 for something that you will use every day for at least three years is a bargain. Add in that fact that it’s strong, reliable, and comes in amazing patterns and designs, you might even think that a designer diaper bag is a steal!

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