6 Amazing Tips For Keeping Kids Happy On Air Travel

Have any trips coming up with your children? As you may know, sometimes kids can be difficult on flights, so here's some tips from a reader on how to keep your flight as smooth as possible.

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“The Greatest Legacy We Can Leave Our Children Is Happy Memories.”
– Og Mandino.

Many avid travelers, especially women who recently became moms are worried about making their air travel safe while traveling with their children. In my last travel, I found that the woman sitting next to me was not able to handle her toddler so well as she was not aware of the traveling hacks. From that experience, I realized the importance of making people aware of some hacks by considering which they can make their air travel much safer and more smooth for their kids.

If you are reading this post, then you might be planning to spend your next vacation overseas  and are looking to minimize the hassle. In this article, I will share some hacks which will help you to prepare your next trip smoothly and make the traveling entertaining for your child.

Let’s get started…

#Tip-1 Plan Wisely
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The first thing which will keep your kid happy on air travel is proper planning. If you plan your trip perfectly, such as choosing the best time to travel, less crowded days, etc. your kid will not face any trouble while flying. Like if you book your flight in the night, then your kid will likely sleep and will cover most of the distance.

Most psychologists suggest traveling in less crowd, especially while flying with the kids as they will not panic and disturb fellow passengers.

Say if you plan to travel by Air Canada, make sure you do Air Canada booking in advance to create the best flying memories for your kid. Try to make the booking 2-3 months prior to your departure dates, only if your plans are not iffy.

#Tip-2 Book the Right Airplane Seats
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Another tactic to make the flying journey more smooth for your kid is by choosing a perfect seat in the airplane. If you choose the right airplane seat, then your kid will feel distracted and will not create a problem for the other passengers.

So whenever you book a flight, select a window or aisle seat as these are more comfortable than middle ones. If the plane is full and you didn’t get a chance to book the seat as per your interest, then you can also request it of the person sitting next to you. I know this tactic because on my last trip, the lady traveling with her toddler offered her seat to distract the mind of her kid with the outside scenery.

So, don’t forget to look at your seats before booking your tickets, especially while flying with your children. On an additional note, you may consider Faremert to book the right seats for your kid at an affordable price. It is basically an online booking platform that offers 24*7 customer support, manages more than 450 airlines with additional discount offers to their customers.

#Tip-3 Pack Appropriately

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Whenever you travel with your kid, make sure you carry all the essential which your kid might require while flying such as a blanket, diapers, wet tissues, pillow, etc. I know, taking baby things along with your clothes can escalate your budget, but if you pack appropriately, then you will be able to satisfy your baby’s needs within a second.

To pack the things nicely, you can carry another bag and place your baby products separately to offer the service easily. If you are flying with your baby for the first time and unaware of which things to pack, then make sure you go through What to Pack for Kids on the Plane.

#Tip-4 Don’t Forget to Carry Entertainment

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Whenever you fly with your toddler, always carry some entertainment along with you to make your kid feel happy. You can pack some playing cards, books, magnetizes, magnetic games, to engage your kid in some activity.

If you are thinking to play some songs or cartoon movies on your electronic devices, then let me tell you that the Wi-Fi available on the plane can cost you too expensive. But yes, you can download the videos and play while flying to keep your kid happy.

Also, you may go through this list of 5 things you should not forget before traveling abroad.

#Tip-5 Take Some Favorite Food

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Your kid can ask for food and water at any time while traveling and can create a fuss within your journey. So, to handle this situation, make sure you have the snacks that your kid loves to eat. You have no idea how entertainment and food can distract your kid for long flights.

If your kid does not get the food the right time, then he/she can get unhappy and fidgety. So, whenever you pack your bags, don’t forget to carry healthy and handy food which is easy to pack. But make sure your kid is familiar with your meal. Also, take a look at some of the kid-friendly airplane snacks that you can add in your checklist.

An important tip- certain airlines do not allow you to carry your food, so, whenever you book the flights look for the airlines which permit you to bring baby food.

#Tip-6 Train your Kid to Fly
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If you want to make your kid feel amazing within the airplane, then try to teach them the wonder of flying. This way, your child will feel more exciting to experience flying and will pass the traveling journey without creating any hassle.

The best way to make your kid learn is either by reading books or by watching flying videos. By looking at all this stuff, your kid might decide to fly and will further enjoy their first air travel.

Wrapping it Up

There is no denying the fact that traveling with kids can be scary and really daunting. But if you plan your traveling well, then flying with kids is really fun.

Hopefully, the hacks mentioned above will help you to keep your kids happy while traveling in planes. I assure you that if you follow the above tips in mind while flying with your kid, then you can easily travel long-duration flights without facing any flying challenge.

Also, if you are traveling for the first time, make you go through a useful guide and get a chance to experience fantastic memories.

Now, what are you waiting for? Choose the location, pack your bags, and fly with your kid to make unforgettable memories.

Happy traveling with kids:)

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