A Real Steal at the Scratch and Dent Store

Ok so I'll admit, as much as I know water is healthiest to drink, I don't always like drinking water. I've had a hankering for something more, but try to stick to more healthy options (or at least that's the goal).

I first discovered these drinks made with lemongrass, chamomile, ginger, lemon balm and lavender one time when I was in the scratch and dent store and immediately became a fan.

When I first bought them they were 57 cents a can, which was decent.

But the next time I was at the scratch and dent store, they had them even cheaper!

 Only 28.5 cents a can. And since we enjoyed them so much the first time, and they're a relatively healthy drink, with no artificial flavorings or colorings and a relatively low sugar content (4.8 grams of carbs per can, compared to the 26.5 grams in the equivalent amount of coke) I bought 2 cases of 24 cans each. For a whopping total of $13.71. Not bad, right?

In my country, to encourage recycling, most cans and bottles come with a deposit already paid on them, and if you bring them back to the store for recycling, you get money back. Each of these cans are worth 8.6 cents when you bring them back to the store. My oldest, Lee, pointed out that these cans weren't even 28.5 cents each, but rather only 20 cents once you factored in the refund you get for each can. So these 48 cans I bought were really only $9.60.

Now if you think that was a good price... guess what happened last night?

I was passing the scratch and dent store on the way to an appointment, and I didn't have my shopping cart with me, just a backpack, so there was a limit to how much I could carry...

And I saw that these cans were no longer being sold for 28.5 cents each... But rather, they were listed as being sold 15 for $2.85 which worked out to be 19 cents each. Its a shame I didn't have my wagon because I was limited in how much I could carry, but I decided to get 30 for $5.71, which is an amazing price, considering that these cans get back the 8.6 deposit each, making these really be 10.4 cents a can or $3.12 for 30 cans.

So yea, this isn't about a huge shopping trip, but I did want to share with you what a steal I got yesterday at the scratch and dent store.

If you have a scratch and dent store, go look and see what amazing deals await you there!

What does your family drink? Just water? If you drink something other than water, what is it, and how do you try to keep the costs down? Does this look like a deal you'd snatch up?

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