My Wonderful Clothes Haul from Goodwill

I'm in Cleveland now, on my trip to the US, and my lovely hostess with the mostess picked me up from the Greyhound station, but needed to go to work. While she was at work, I decided to get some errands done, and one of them was going to Goodwill. When I was trying to pack to come, my friend told me to pack very minimal clothing, because it was worth it to stock up on clothes while I was in the US. Yes, I can get cheap clothes second hand locally, but their quality is very low, and its really hard to find enough things that are my size, because the selection is small and its not organized by size at all. My friend, who is an avid Goodwill shopper here told me that there's this amazing Goodwill that I just have to hit up, and she was right.

I'm going to post in a future post about why I decided to go clothes shopping here, but for now I wanted to share what I got.

See, I know absolutely nothing about name brands and what is considered good or not... but apparently every single thing I got is name brand, and really high quality.

I actually have needed clothing but was very picky about what type of clothes I wanted. Since I am larger now, I needed clothes that would be longer, more tunic style, since they would cover up my belly. But I didn't want things that were too tight or put emphasis on my belly because then it would make me look pregnant.

I ended up going through all the racks and picking out clothes that looked like they'd fit, were the right colors (I only wear specific colors and shades) and designs, and had a huge shopping cart filled with clothes.

Once I finished with that, I tried on the clothes in the changing room and made myself separate piles:
Stuff that were no way, stuff that were maybes, and stuff that I loved. I kept the maybes just in case I couldn't find clothes that I loved, but I ended up with such a huge pile of clothes I loved that I ended up putting back all the maybes.

Once I ended up with about 15 or 20 tops that I loved and made me feel good about myself, I then did triage, because I didn't bring checked luggage with me, so I'm limited with how many things I could bring back. So I tried to take tops that would take up as least room as possible, were not heavy, and were different from things I already had at home.

And I ended up with these 10 awesome tops.

These are two long shirts/jackets that open in the front. One long sleeve, one sleeveless. I know this style looks amazing on me.

Then there were these three sleeveless shirts. Two with ruffles and one with a big collar, both serving to emphasize areas away from my belly, so even though they aren't so loose, they pull attention away from my larger belly and look amazing on me.

And then there were these 5 tops, 4 of which are more dressy and I can wear for dressy occasions, and one of them is a light sweater. And yes, they all look amazing on me.

I'm so excited.

Everything here cost between 3 and 6 dollars, the total which was $47.52, making the average top cost $4.72 which is quite a steal for these perfect condition name brand gorgeous tops. Yes, I also looked for pants and skirts and dresses, but couldn't find anything I liked there that fit me, so all is good, because really shirts is what I needed most desperately.

Oh my gosh, I just love Goodwill!

Got any good cheap clothing scores lately? What were they and where?

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  1. Fantastic. When my parents were moved from their home and later moved again from an apartment to a nursing facility, my sister gave tons of stuff, clothing and more, to Goodwill.

  2. Beautiful haul! Goodwill here is excellent; I've seen designer clothes in great condition. And they give people jobs, and do job training or give advice.

  3. There is nothing quite like the thrill of finding quality clothing for such an inexpensive price (my mother would cringe at me actually saying cheap, lol)! And when you get back home and spread everything out it's almost like Xmas and then when you add up the savings of what it would have all cost at full price you just want to squeal with joy! Now that indeed is good! Happy for your thrifting finds!

  4. We have an area in my city that is known for wealthier people and the Goodwill near that part of town is amazing! Often things that still have the tags on them.

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