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Taking care of yourself is important. Here's some tips from a reader on how to lower your stress levels. 

With all the work environments right now being extremely competitive and our lives being so fast paced, it’s no wonder most of us suffer from stress in some way. Pretty much everyone develops their own coping mechanisms but not a lot of them are healthy ones.
Some turn to food for comfort which can lead to binge eating and bad eating patterns. Others turn to alcohol that has its own long list of health complications. There’re more similar patterns like these ones but they all have one thing in common: they simply don’t work long term. Stress eating won’t make your worries go away for more than a couple of hours but it will definitely make you gain weight. So here are a few way to help you cope with reality that actually work and don’t have any serious consequences.

Probably the best way to relax in our modern society is to get away from big cities and civilization. If you have an opportunity to have a few days off and go camping, definitely try it. Even going on a day hike to a remote location during the weekend can help you cleanse your body and soul and find your inner peace. Such trips are even proven to boost creativity levels so it may also help improve your work performance later on. You obviously don’t have to push yourself too far if you’re not an experienced camper but gathering things for a short hike is not that difficult. You don’t even have to bring dry foods; simply put your normal lunch and dinner in
airtight containers. Even desserts, like galaxy cake, can handle a day outside. TO make it first cream together butter, sugar AND eggs. Then add flour, baking soda AND sour cream, mix well. Pour the batter in a bundt pan and bake for an hour. Let it COOL completely before transferring to a container.

Reading physical books is not something most of us do often or at all. We FORGOT About the excitement that books caused when we were children. But maybe READING Is what it takes for you to release all the stress. So try and get back into the habit OF reading, starting with your favorite childhood books, for example. And don’t LET yourself stress over the page count, read only for your own pleasure.

Exercise is a known great way to de-stress BUT for some reason not a lot of us actually do it on a regular basis. The key to consistent exercise, in my opinion, is finding a form of it that you really enjoy doing. Swimming can be a great option because most of us know how to swim and it’s very easy on the joints unlike many other exercises. So let’s get moving and have a blast while doing it!.

Making something with your hands for a change can be an awesome way to both learn a new skill and stop stressing out over work. There are many different crafts to choose from nowadays, from sawing and woodcarving to 3D printing. A lot of them are also available for learning online so you don’t even have to leave the safety of your house..

Cooking is a skill that in theory everyone should acquire at some point in life but a lot of adults now don’t know a thing about it. You don’t need to be a talented cook to make a decent pasta dish or bake a cake. Patience and time are the only two necessary ingredients. Great beginner options are either cassata cake or fish soup.
Both just require a lot of mixing and waiting.

For the yellow cake, whisk egg whites to soft peaks in one bowl. In another cream together butter and sugar and then add egg yolks and the dry ingredients. Lastly mix in buttermilk and egg whites. Bake the cake for 25 minutes and after cooling decorate with whatever frosting you like.
For the other cake combine warmed peanut butter with wet ingredients, including sugar. Add the dry ones, mix well and bake for 25 minutes. Mix chocolate, cream, butter and cream cheese for the delicious frosting.

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