5 Ways to Make Money if You're a People Person

We all could do with more money, no? Here's some tips from reader Carol on how you can make more money on the side that work well if you like working with people.

Most of us could use some extra cash, and if you are an outgoing person there are numerous ways to boost your bank balance. Whether you are looking to make money around your current work, study, or family commitments, there is something to suit your lifestyle.

Here are five ways to make money if you're a people person:

#1. Sell What You Don't Need

If you need to make money fast, one option is to sell those items in your home that you no longer want. Not only will this put some extra change in your pocket, but it will help to clear any clutter.
It is now commonplace to sell items online as it gives you access to a wide range of shoppers, but you may still prefer to set up a traditional yard sale. This works well if you have multiple items and live in a busy area. Make sure you share the time and date prior to the event.

#2. Start a Side Gig

If you want more money on an ongoing basis, starting a side gig may be the best option. If you are a people person consider looking into direct sales with a company such as Amway. Despite the Amway pyramid scheme myth, this is actually a reputable and fun way to generate additional income. This type of side gig is best suited to those with an outgoing personality, as good communication skills are essential for success. In addition, you may even make some new friends!

#3. Use Your Vehicle

If you have a reliable car you can make extra money in a short amount of time. If you are a people person and enjoy traveling, you can sign up with a ridesharing company. There are also work options available for food deliveries, and if you have a larger vehicle you could deliver packages or furniture. Whether you work as a subcontractor for a company or start your own business, there are ways to use your car to help you pay the bills.

#4. Participate in Market Research

Did you know, there are companies and universities who will pay for your opinion? Often they will advertise online or in your local newspaper for trials, clinical studies, and surveys. Keep an eye out for market research opportunities, as well as mystery shopping. If you love to share your point of view this could be the perfect fit for your personality.

#5. Offer Your Services

Do you have a special skill or interest that could help you to make money? As a busy society, people will often outsource jobs such as dog walking, babysitting, bookkeeping, gardening, and cleaning. If you have any accreditations or special experience you can join an agency, or use word of mouth to grow your service. Even participating in a simple course could be enough for you to start generating an income during the hours that suit you.

The Wrap Up

If you are an extrovert, there are a range of different ways to make money around work, study, and family life. These are just a few suggestions that will get you out of the house and mingling with other people. You never know, the method you choose to top up your bank account may just become your new self-employment.

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