7 gift ideas for kindergarten teachers

Gifting is really hard. Not only is it often hard to figure out what a person may like, but gifting also can be pricey. This post by a reader is filled with some great gifting ideas.

Buying gifts is never an easy task, so when the end of the school year comes around and it’s time to buy for the kindergarten teacher, you won’t be alone in struggling to come up with ideas.

They may have taught your children for the last 12 months, but that doesn’t mean that you’ve built up a good enough relationship to know what gifts they’d love to receive.

The teacher/parent relationship can be an awkward one, especially when it’s gift-giving season and there’s bound to be a fair few questions going through your mind.

Will they like a box of chocolates? What if they’re allergic to nuts? What if they’re allergic to chocolate - or boxes? Is this even an appropriate gift - will they get the wrong idea? It’s a stressful time, I don’t know how anyone copes.

If that’s ringing a bell then don’t worry, fret or stress - we’ve got you covered with 7 of the very best gift ideas to suit even the strangest of kindergarten teachers.

1. Custom star map - Twinkle in Time

Looking for a gift that’ll keep your kindergarten teacher remembering you and your child for the foreseeable future? Give them a gift they can keep on their wall!

A custom star map is one of the very best custom gifts to give and with a personalized message, date and location all available to pick, choose and specify - it shows a gift with real meaning.

Once you’ve input all of your information into the Twinkle in Time site, the software will generate an image showing exactly what the stars looked like of the night of your choosing, in the area of your choosing.

It’s really something special and perfect for gifting to a new kindergarten teacher - simply input the date of their first day, the location of the school and you’ll be responsible for maybe the most thoughtful gift they’re likely to receive in their career.

Points to you!

2. Himalayan glow pink crystal salt lamp

Next up on the list, something that every home, school or office space could do with - a Himalayan glow pink crystal salt lamp.

As featured on CoolThingsChicago, the salt lamp is said to have a plethora of mood-boosting benefits including the improvement of the air quality in the room, boosting the ability to sleep and harness healing powers.

We’re not exactly sure as to how much of this is true, but they lamps look great and give a good talking point in any situation.

A great gift, especially if the teacher in mind likes things more natural.

3. Stainless steel water bottle - Kool8

If there’s one thing that we all need to do more of its drinking water.

So many of us have it near the top of our new year’s resolution list, but quickly forget after just a few days - but there’s a lesser-known lifehack for getting more water in - keep it nearby in a bottle that you absolutely love!

If you’re wanting to invest in a bottle, or get one for your kid's kindergarten teacher, there’s very few better than the stainless steel original from Kool8. The bottle itself comes in a great selection of colors, looking great in each with a sleek design and function nature.

The bottle comes with a tea infuser, meaning those that love to drink tea are well looked after and with the ability to keep hot drinks hot for 12 hours (and cold drinks cold for 24) it’s hardly a wonder why it’s one of the very best bottles (and gifts) on the market!

4. Scratch-off world map - 1DEA.me

Recently featured on GiftWits, the scratch-off world map from 1DEA.me is one gift that’s perfect for those in love with travel.

If you know that kindergarten teacher with serious wanderlust, look no further. The scratch-off map is the gift for them, combining the satisfying scratch-off action with a piece of wall art that changes with travel.

It doesn’t just look great on the wall of any home but gives plenty of ideas of where to travel next. It’s like Pokemon (or any other similar card game), you’ve gotta catch ‘em all.

5. Stylish pedometer - Nokia Go

It may sound a little outdated, but look around any tech store and you’ll find that the simple pedometer is very much back-in and up to date.

The pedometer counts your steps and looks great on the wrist and if you’re looking for the best of the bunch, you’ll probably be looking at the Nokia Go for a great, stylish gift that doesn’t break the bank - perfect for any fitness-focused Kindergarten teacher.

You can pick these up for around the $20 mark, a small price to pay for a guaranteed big smile!

6. Healthcare testing kit - imaware.health

Number 6 on our list might come as a surprise to some, but with the recent revelations of modern medicine - it makes nothing but sense.

The healthcare testing kits from imaware™ let those interested in the condition of their own bodies identify problem areas from their own homes. As of current, there’s the option to test for both celiac disease and rheumatoid arthritis - letting potential patients know of any problems in no time at all.

It might seem like a bit of weird gift to give, but if you’re able to diagnose some of the biggest known health problems around - you’ll be a little bit of a hero.

Either way, it’s a little bit of fun from the living room!
7. Novelty teacher-related mug
You didn’t think you could read through a gift idea post without coming across the novelty mug option, did you?

Yes, of course, the novelty mug comes in at our number 7 spot, forming the perfect gift for just about every occasion known to man. For the kindergarten teacher, bonus points will be received for any education-based puns, although they’re not necessary. Any and every theme will suit just fine.

You’ll be able to find a suitable mug in just about every online gift shop - it won’t take long before you come across the perfect liquid-holder!

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