Frugal Accomplishments

Homemade vegan mayo

It's been a while since I did one of these frugal accomplishment lists, but I find them fun, and I hope you do too! Additionally, I sometimes feel like I am failing at being frugal, but then when I look over my list I get reminded that I'm not doing such a bad job.

Recent Frugal Accomplishments

Frugal Shopping
  • Stocked up on the following on sale and at cheap stores:
    • Chicken wings
    • Gluten free bread
    • Frozen green beans
    • Frozen okra
    • Frozen artichoke hearts
    • Milk
    • Ground beef
  • Bought zucchini from the reduced rack

  • Frugal vacationing
    • Found super cheap tickets for a trip abroad for the family in December.
    • Argued with an Airbnb host after he wanted to charge me extra after I already prepaid, and got a full refund.
    • Decided that while we're already flying abroad from a vacation town, we'll spend a few days there, since we anyhow are taking the bus there, and might as well have a two for one. Price compared and found the cheapest lodging.
    Frugal in the kitchen 
    • Turned leftover veggies into soup.
    • Kept scraps of veggies for broth.
    • Repurposed soup chicken to salad.
    • Turned leftover salad into gazpacho.
    • Used old and wrinkly apples and pears to make compote.
    • Used old and wrinkly peppers to make ajvar.
    • Was turning jaggery into jaggery syrup and burnt it by overcooking, so turned the overcooked candied sugar into candies.
    • Fed a huge crowd on a tiny budget by using lots of cheap crowd pleasers.
    • Used sad veggies to make ratatouille.

    Made From Scratch
    • Made homemade yogurt
    • Made homemade sports drink
    • Made gluten free bread
    • Made homemade gluten bread
    • Made homemade vegan mayo
    • Made homemade egg replacement

    Homemad gluten free bread

    Free things
    • Dumpster dove a popcorn maker
    • Trash picked some celery

    • Fixed a broken door handle. (Ok, a guest helped me do this, but then I did another one myself.)
    • Fixed a fan (See above.)
    • Built something I needed with a neighbor's help, and when it broke, fixed it myself.
    • Repurposed materials I had for a DIY project instead of needing to buy new.

    • Collected and turned in bottles to recycling in exchange for cash

    What frugal things did you get up to lately? Any things you're especially proud of?

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    1. LOVE these posts. Keep up the good work!

    2. I am proud of my free activities I have set up for my kids this winter. (Our city has a family access card for about $60/year that functions as library card, activity card. Equipment rental card). So we are doing zumba, skating, swimming, pokemon game, and probably some winter sports all for next to nothing. :)

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