How is CBD oil used in the food industry?

CBD is all the rage lately. I'm always interested in learning more about it, so when I got this post on CBD in the food industry from a reader, I was very eager to share it with you. 

A very notable and worthwhile ingredient which is creating a buzz in the global market is CBD oil. It has a number of promising health benefits and CBD is also used to get relief from insomnia, nausea,  and other mental disorders. In spite of the efficiencies and the health benefits of CBD, its consumption is illegal in many countries.

A report was made by World Health Organization stating that CBD has no measure indicating abuse and there is no real evidence of harmful effects of using CBD in its purest form. In a few years, CBD oil supplements are becoming widely distributed globally. The majority of the segments are flooded with the products having Cannabidiol oil, hemp oil, CBD oil, hemp seed oil or CBD hemp oil.

What is CBD Basically?

CBD is a naturally occurring compound which is found in the Cannabis plant. In the cannabis plant, two different compounds are found which are known as Cannabidiol (CBD) and THC.

CBD is a non-intoxicating compound which has no major side effects on your body. The component called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is known to have a "high" impact upon the person; this effect is the same for which marijuana is associated with.

CBD is found in a number of products like creams, pain relievers, ointments, beauty products and different types of balms. Still, the majority of utilizing CBD is in the form of CBD oil which is highly significant in food industries. At present in the market there are number of gummy bears, tinctures and other edible products available.

It is better to clarify one thing that the cannabis plant has different levels of its chemical constituents as the popular ones are marijuana and hemp. The maximum CBD oil is obtained from the industrial hemp plant which possesses a greater content of CBD as compared to marijuana. In the industrial segment, there are various kinds of extraction methods available to extract the compound from the raw ingredients. Later this extract is mixed in the carrier oil and the final product is known as CBD oil.

CBD in the food and beverage industry

Following the statement made from a report in the year 2018, the global CBD market reached 462 million dollars in 2018 and by the year 2023, it is estimated to cross 2.1 billion dollars.

At present, the number of CBD products are available in the market including candies, sparkling water, and other edible products. Even in restaurants and hotels, people are fond of having CBD cocktail and various dishes. The market is also followed by a rumor which states that Coca-Cola is working to make a CBD wellness beverage. It is not always certain that CBD products are good for health; rather the quality of the beverages and CBD infused products entirely depends upon its isolated form. When CBD is combined with other Terpenes and Cannabinoids then it works comparatively better as all of them have a tendency to work synergistically.

Categorization of CBD oil usage in Food industries

There are a number of ways to consume cannabis infused food products or CBD oil. In the food and beverage industry, the form of CBD oil contains a negligible amount of THC and thus it has no "high" or fainting effect upon the person. The categorization of CBD oil in food industries is as follows-

  • In baking

There are a number of cannabis-infused bakery products available in the market and the popular ones are pot brownies, hash cookies, and space cakes. The product might have little smell of cannabis but CBD oil will not have a fainting effect here.

  • In drinks

There are a number of liquid edible and drinkable substances available in the market. Even the origin of preparing cannabis-infused drinks like thandai or lassi was started from the Indian subcontinent. The extract of cannabis oil is used to prepare the drinks.

  • In its purest oil form

The majority of cannabis oil utilization is done in cooking where it is prepared by infusing cannabis with preheated oil. Cannabis oil is mostly recommended to the medical patients where they also get a variety of different blends. The extraction process is made odorless and tasteless hence its consumption gets easy and harmless.

CBD and fat- two major partners in the food industry

The Cannabinoids have the tendency to bind perfectly with fat so they are always infused in fat or oil based form. For this purpose, ghee, butter or oil is used which easily extracts the goodness of CBD. CBD product works incredibly better when consumed with a fat source and this is the major reason for which CBD has its utilization in food industry. The majority of the food containing it include trail mix, nut butter, yogurt, tortilla chips, nuts, guacamole, and various others.

Also, in the sweets and baking industry there are a number of CBD products available. The combination of CBD with sugar or chocolate is also incredible because CBD oil has a little bitter taste and with the help of sugar or chocolate in its combination, it can be covered easily.

Apart from that CBD oil is also used in the forms like:

  • It is used in salad dressing and give the ingredients a better texture
  • CBD oil can also be added to sauces, fruits and soups
  • CBD oil is also ideal for savory dishes

Tip to remember

Even after going through this mouth-watering alternative it is wise to have a calculated amount of CBD oil products. Though CBD is a non psychoactive component and does not have a psychic influence upon you, you are still consuming a derivative of Cannabinoid and should have it in limited amounts.

Before the consumption of the products, you must be careful and always begin with having a low dose of the product and observe how your body responds to it. It is important to understand that consuming the CBD oil "less is always more.'' Also, the consumption of CBD oil or its products and derivatives is not recommended during pregnancy.

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