Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The Reasons Pregnant Women May Cry

Pregnancy is already a few years behind me, but boy do I remember how hormonal and emotional I got then. Here's something from Jane about amusing reasons for crying during pregnancy.

You have heard many stories of pregnant women watching random television shows and they start bawling for no reason. And you have heard of other strange reasons that pregnant women cry. However, there is a reason that a pregnant woman who finds out she is having a boy, and imagines dressing him in one of the baby clothes online that she purchased, then starts to cry. Why?

The reason that pregnant women cry is due to the hormones literally being in overdrive and fluctuating nonstop. And that can cause emotions to be quite volatile which means there will likely be a lot of crying and any strange thing that usually would not cause anyone to cry will make pregnant women easily cry. That means things that are neutral or even funny that would normally cause you to laugh can easily cause pregnant women to cry. Let's pick apart some strange things that have caused pregnant women to cry in the past:

A Commercial About A Plugin Fragrance Freshener

When you see those plugin fragrance fresheners, you don't really think anything of it other than at least there is a solution for getting rid of smelly homes. And you may just roll your eyes because the jingle for the commercial is so incredibly annoying. However, for the pregnant woman, she can that commercial and start to cry. Why? It has to be the hormones getting into the way but what is it about that commercial that makes her bawl?

Maybe she is afraid that the smell would be too strong from those plugins that could cause nausea overload (because a pregnant woman's nose works just as well as a bloodhound's nose)? No, probably not that. Maybe because the appearance of the plugin is too tacky looking that it would ruin the home decor? Maybe. But some response she had to that commercial caused the hormones to basically explode and cause her to cry.

A Commercial About Burgers

Alright, perhaps this reason could be explained a little better. A pregnant woman sees a commercial about burgers and begins to cry. There could be a few reasons for that. Maybe she feels saddened for the poor cows that were slaughtered which is why these burgers exist in the first place? Or, maybe she has a craving for a burger and doesn't have access to getting it? Or maybe it is a big turn off and the idea of it makes her feel sick. It could be any of those reasons.


As it was briefly mentioned in the point above, cravings can make pregnant women cry if they are unable to satisfy them fast enough. The hormones are working in overdrive, and this does not do her any favors when it comes to her delaying gratification. She wants it and she wants it now whether it is that burger on the commercial that she saw, or a piece of chocolate, or pickles and ice cream if that is what she really is craving. Unsatisfied cravings can make pregnant women cry.

Excitement And Big Revelations

If a big reveal is going to come out such as a pregnant friend's gender reveal at the party, or a big announcement of any nature coming out, that will make her cry. The excitement is the reason behind that and that is because excitement will trigger those overactive hormones that can cause some tears to stream down the face. And if it is the gender reveal party that she is at that is making her cry, then she and her friend can cry together which would be a bit much! But that is a sign right there that excitement causes the crying to happen.

Finding Out Unpleasant Things

Being surprised in any way good or bad will get emotions going and with the hormones coming into play, that will cause a lot of crying. If she finds out that she had an overdue bill and had forgotten to pay it and was getting harassed by the collection agency, oh that will make her cry as well. When she finds out anything unpleasant, that is going to get the tears going.

Being Challenged

Pregnant women may also be quite stubborn because their needs and wants have to come first. Remember, she is supporting two lives (or more if she is carrying multiples). Her needs and wants must be taken care of first and that is why she may be stubborn. If someone challenges that, she may cry. If a pregnant woman's husband wants to sit in the seat that she is sitting in the den, and she refuses to move because her comfort comes first, he may keep asking her and hoping she will move. But she may not and may cry in and balk in response. Don't challenge a pregnant woman.

Watching Cartoons

She could be watching an episode of Tom and Jerry and cry when they hurt each other, or she could be watching Bugs Bunny and will cry when Wylie Coyote falls and a rock goes over his head. Because those poor characters even though it is a cartoon it will trigger emotions which will cause her to cry.

Preparing For The Baby's Arrival

This is a huge one because it will trigger many nerves and fear. This one is understandable. This means for instance if she knows she is having a boy, and she is putting the clothing her sister gave her which are the auntie baby boy clothes into the drawer, this will cause her to cry!

And now you know some of the reasons that pregnant women cry, you see that they do this at the drop of a hat. That means you will want to watch what you say and do around them because you will not want to be the reason that they cry - which you will be no matter how hard you try. But don't take it personally.

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