Everything You Should Know About Addiction Treatment on a Low Cost

If you or someone you love are struggling with addiction and want to get better, but cost is an impediment, here's some important information about how you can get help at low cost and sometimes even for free!

Beating any addiction requires determination. But, money is also required to pay for addiction treatment. Unfortunately, many treatment programs are unaffordable to some recovering addicts. And, nothing feels worse than when a person wants to stop using the addictive substance by they don’t have money to pay for treatment. Luckily, a person can get addiction treatment at a low cost.
Several resources are available for addicts that are motivated to stop using the addictive substances but can’t afford the cost of treatment. Some private inpatient rehab facilities provide non-cost treatment for the homeless, impoverished, and unemployed addicts. Even some government-funded facilities offer free 30-day rehabilitation programs. These offer outpatient care to addicts that want to regain sobriety. Additionally, some faith-based organizations provide free rehabilitation to Christian addicts.

So, if you or a loved one is looking for free drug rehab (AddictionResource.com), consider these options. The most important thing is to know the kind of treatment required and the facilities that provide it. This knowledge will help you in finding a facility that provides the treatment at a low cost.

Free Rehabilitation for Drug Addiction is a Real Thing

When it comes to beating any addiction, acknowledging the problem is always the first step. This should be followed by seeking the right assistance. And, this is where a person starts to look for an effective and affordable rehab program. But, if a person doesn’t have money, the next question is, which are the best free rehab centers near me?

Treatment for drug addiction is not something to be enjoyed by rich people only. Several options exist for people that want to regain sobriety but can’t afford the cost of treatment. Some of the available options are not completely free. However, they are still affordable because they provide government-supported subsidies or options for deferred payment. Essentially, everybody that needs rehabilitation can find a program that suits their needs. They just need to know how to find it.

It’s important for a person that is battling an addiction to avoid trying to quit cold turkey. Research has shown that quitting cold turkey translates into unnecessarily low success rates. The increasing smoking cessation’s medicalization shows the need to ensure professional and pharmacological mediation of any attempt to stop using the addictive substances.

What’s more, self-directed detoxification can result in serious complications with the possibility of death. So, if money is an issue, it’s wise to consider free rehab centers. These centers provide evidence-based treatment and medical supervision by qualified addiction treatment experts.

Free and Low-Cost Addiction Treatment Options

When a person has decided to quit using addictive substances and recover from addiction, they may consider the following options. These are meant for individuals that have already hit rock bottom and don’t have money to pay for their treatment for addiction.

State-Funded Addiction Treatment

This is a treatment provided by drug rehab centers that receive funding from the government via federal grants or state budget. For a person to qualify for this treatment, they must prove that they don’t have enough insurance coverage. They must also demonstrate their inability to pay for addiction treatment out-of-pocket.

It’s worth noting that the intensity and quality of the services provided at the government-funded rehab facilities vary significantly. That’s because the services are largely determined by the provided funding. But, these facilities generally provide a complete range of services or treatments to make the recovery of impoverished addicts a reality.

What’s more, state-funded rehab centers have long lists of waiting patients. They might also not provide the most updated counseling services and treatments. Nevertheless, their cost advantage is amazing and they feature basic amenities.

Private Rehab Facilities

Some privately owned rehab facilities offer free addiction help. In most cases, these institutions provide deferred payment or sliding scale fees. However, some offer entirely free programs. The options given to addicts depend on their income and ability to cater to the cost of their treatment. If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction, it’s wise to contact a local facility to find out more about the low cost or free programs it might be offering.

Non-Profit Rehab Facilities

Some non-profit organizations offer free rehabilitation to individuals that can’t afford the cost of treatment. These aim to support individuals that are battling addiction, create awareness, and advocate for more legislation to assist impoverished addicts.

Faith-Based Rehab Facilities

Several spiritual recovery facilities offer free treatment for addiction to individuals that have strong religious mindsets. The search for this kind of treatment for addiction should start within a local community and church. Several churches have recovery centers associated with them. Others provide free rehab and counseling for individuals and couples. They may also offer life skills, support groups, and development programs, among other free resources that may benefit addicts that want to recover.

Free Rehab Online

The internet has many online forums that people seeking treatment for addiction can benefit from. These forums provide mutual support and information about science-based treatment programs. People that participate in the activities of these programs can help each other in resolving problems or challenges associated with recovery from addiction. They can also strengthen each other to make a positive change in their lives. Individuals that can’t afford costly treatment can take advantage of the available free online resources that include handbooks, drug rehab classes, and videos.

The national directory by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration is a great place to start the search for a treatment facility. Here, patients can find a wide range of free outpatient and inpatient addiction treatment programs.

The Bottom Line

Lacking enough resources should not hinder a person from getting treatment for addiction. Several rehab facilities offer addiction treatment at a low cost or for free. The most important thing is to know where to look or how to get rehab for free. And with the right, free treatment and resources, individuals with low or no income can beat drug addiction, regain sobriety, and lead healthy lives.

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