Frugal Accomplishments This Past Week

Ok, I'm on week two of my "share my frugal accomplishments on a weekly basis, even if the list isn't so long", so here it is. I'm trying to look at what I did do, and not just what I didn't do.

I will try to post this regularly on Fridays.

Frugal in the Kitchen
  • I turned leftover rice that no one wanted to eat into rice pudding that was devoured by all.
  • I turned stale tortillas into quesadillas.
  • I used foraged mustard seeds in a recipe.
  • I had a large crowd of guests and fed them on a budget.
  • I made "pasta a la vodka" using the last bits of cream cheese that I had in a container, watered down with water, as well as milk I got on sale, instead of cream in the recipe. 

Made From Scratch
  • It was a hot day and I wanted something nice to drink other than water, so I made myself a large batch of homemade sports drink.
  • Made homemade quick vinegar pickles.
  • I made gluten free wontons using homemade wrappers.
  • Made a delicious chimmichuri sauce
  • Made some homemade rolls.
  • Made lemonade a bunch of times, using mint from my garden.

Frugal Shopping
  • In honor of 11/11 we had a national sale day online, so I stocked up on things that I had planned on getting anyhow: thermos mugs and an adult sized scooter. I went to a price comparison website, looked for the cheapest products, then checked out to see the websites there, and noticed on the pages themselves that because of the sale day, prices were lower than what was written on the price comparison website, so then I went back and rechecked all of the lower priced ones to do a true price comparison after the sale discount. 
  • My friend told me that BetterWorldBooks was having a huge sale on so many books, so I decided to finally buy the books that I've been dreaming about getting for a while, nearly all of them under $10 and with free international shipping.
  • Amazon just opened up in my country, and as a promotion, they're having free international shipping on select items if over $49 total, but you have to pay import tax if its over $75, so I bought myself things I needed that fit that category and were at a great price, including a brand name strong warrantied pocketbook at a great price (because I have terrible luck here!!!), a new charger for my laptop (much cheaper than locally, because one of my chargers broke), and a phone case and screen protector for my son.
  • Bought some more imitation Chex for even cheaper than I found them the first time from the scratch and dent store!
  • Bought pasta on sale.
What frugal things did you get up to this week?

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  1. Another great frugal week. Thanks for the posts. I decided to stick to the pantry challenge and only spent about $50 this week for groceries instead of $100 so I'm doing good as far as I'm concerned. Also made Thanksgiving dinner last night and now I have 4 leftover meals ready to take to work. Yummy! I can never wait for the end of November for Thanksgiving, especially since I got that 5lb Jennie-O turkey breast for $4. Normally the whole turkeys go for 60 cents on the dollar but the breast are more expensive. With just 2 of us here, no reason to get a whole bird. Keep up the great posts. Happy Holidays!

  2. Will you scoot around town doing errands on the adult scooter? Just curious. :D

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