How To Choose the Best SAT Prep Course for Your High Schooler

I'm so glad the SATs are far behind me. Though I did well in school and was excellent in math, I ended up finding the SAT math part hard, and needed to study extra hard, even though I was taking college calculus while taking the SAT, and I still didn't do as well as I probably could have. This is why there are SAT prep courses, and I probably would have done better on mine had I taken a course. My oldest is not so far away from the age where he'll also need to take some standardized tests pre college; these kids grow up so fast! Here's how you know how to find the best SAT prep course for your kid.

Transitioning from high school to college can be tough for your child. College can put pressure on your child since their performance can influence their careers and success in the future. Parents like you are responsible for preparing your high schooler for college – and helping with their SAT is an excellent way of achieving this goal.

SAT or Scholastic Assessment Test is a standardized test given to all incoming college students. Since 1926, this test is used to assess how a high schooler is prepared for college by checking their skills in reading, writing, and math. SAT scores can also determine a student’s qualification for scholarships and academic rankings.

Using a SAT prep course can help your high schooler get a good score from their SAT. Follow the tips below so your high schooler can end up using the best SAT prep course:

1. Needs Of Your High Schooler

The first step in choosing the best SAT prep course is not about checking what your available options are; it’s actually determining what your high schooler needs are.

Start by letting your high schooler take an SAT practice test. This test should be timed, checked, and scored. This might be intimidating and nerve-wracking for your high schooler, but it can surely narrow down your options on what SAT prep course to buy.

This practice test allows you to determine your high schooler's weak and best areas. The score your high schooler earns from this practice test will also help you assess if they need an SAT prep course that covers all of the sections or one that only focuses on one subject.

For example, if the test scores indicate that your high schooler scored poorly on all of the sections, you can choose to invest in an SAT prep course that provides materials to all the sections in the SAT, like Magoosh SAT prep.

2. Quality Of Practice Tests

Most SAT prep courses include a set of practice tests. Having your high schooler take these practice tests can help them improve their weak areas and help them mentally prepare for the actual SAT.

However, an SAT prep course that offers any practice tests isn’t an assurance that your high schooler will actually perform well on the SAT.

When choosing an SAT prep course, make sure that the practice tests are regulated by the official
College Board Practice Test, like Prepscholar SAT prep, for example. These practice tests are created by the same writers who produced the SAT so you can ensure that your high schooler will exert time and effort in practice tests that will show up in the actual SAT.

3. High Schooler's Learning Style

Different people have different learning styles. While some high schoolers learn better on their own, others would want to have access to consultations and platforms that can track progress.

Understand your high schooler's learning style so you can choose a suitable SAT prep course for them. To determine your high schooler's learning style, you can start asking them on their performance when placed on group work or individual tasks. Do they perform better in a group or alone? Does your high schooler prefer interaction when they are studying, or do they like to be secluded and alone?

It’s also important to assess if your high schooler is a self-motivated learner or needs the reminders of other people to get things done.

If your high schooler likes to study on their own, an SAT prep course that requires them to talk to an advisor several times during the day might not provide the best results. Conversely, buying an SAT prep course that comes with lesser supervision and interaction might not be a smart investment when your high schooler excels in a group setting.

4. Schedule And Availability

In the US, the SAT is given seven times a year, and most high schoolers choose to take it during their junior years. Your high schooler's preferred schedule in taking the SAT is an important consideration when choosing an SAT prep course.

The SAT prep course you choose to buy for your high schooler should be suitable for the timespan between the registration and actual test schedule. You shouldn’t buy an SAT prep course that runs for six months when your high schooler only has three months to prepare for the test. The extra-curricular activities and daily routine of your high schooler should also be factored in. Buying an SAT prep course that doesn’t fit your high schooler's period of preparation is a waste of money and hinders your high schooler from performing well in the test.

Play Your Part

Your role as a parent doesn’t end the moment your high schooler starts to use the best SAT prep course. Parental guidance plays a huge role in a high schooler's preparation and success in the SAT.

To show your support as a parent, understand the SAT, make yourself available for review, and avoid putting excess pressure on your high schooler. Your home should be conducive to learning, as well.

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