How to Find Great Deals When Buying Snowblowers

It doesn't snow often where I live, and when I do, the entire region gets shut down. So snowblowers are definitely not something we'd be purchasing. But for those who do live in areas of heavy snowfall, here's how you can get a snowblower and still be money smart.

It’s that time of the year again, you wake up to find snow covering your entire yard. If you’re like most unprepared people, the first thing you’re going to do is rush out of your house, alarmed, and find the nearest tool-shop to get yourself a snowblower. You’ll unfortunately be faced with bad news as most of the stock will already be gone. What’s even worse, you’ll be shocked by unnerving prices staring you in the face. Once again, it looks like you’re too late for the snow.

Well, how about you do something different this year around? Instead of waiting for the storm to literally take you by surprise, like every other year, how about you plan ahead to capture the perfect snowblower at the perfect price? It all comes down to figuring out when is the best time to get them on sale, while still having the ability to select from various options.

When to Hunt for Snowblowers

One thing is for sure; you should never wait until the last moment to go looking for a snowblower. You want to hunt for snowblowers right when they go on sale, but you also want to find the one that suits your needs. To specify a date would be pointless as the weather conditions of every winter can differ from one year to the next. One year, winter could be one big hectic storm that never seemed to end, and the next year could mostly only be mildly cold. This makes it difficult to set a date for when the best deals will take place, but we can, however, speak in terms of the weather conditions.

If we divide the year into seasons, here are the best and least favorable seasons of the year to hunt for snowblowers:

Summer and Early Fall

Summer is the time of the year when people are thinking about snow the least. Instead, they’re focused on getting the best deal on the best lawn mower. This makes summer the perfect time of year for you to shop for snowblowers. The reason for this strange statement is simple; summer is the time of the year when manufacturers are introducing their newest machine versions of an introductory test. This will give you a decent deal for all of the machines, keeping your selection flexible and wide open for the snowblower of your choice.

As summer starts to fade away and fall comes in, you might find some even better deals waiting for you. However, there’s still a catch when it comes to early fall. You might find your selection freedom quite limited, as opposed to shopping in the summer.

End-of-Season Sales (Late Winter- Early Spring)

The rules of sales remain the same when it comes to buying anything; you’ll find the best deals right at the end of the season. This is the time when the weather is settled and all of the shops are getting ready for the new season. At that time, they had only one thing in mind, they need to reduce their stock as much as possible. There are new models coming out every year, so sticking with the old version won’t do them any good. That’s why you’ll find the best deal in the end-season. But it comes with a catch. The chances that you’ll find the snowblower you specifically need will be low. After all, you’ve just waited through the whole season while everyone was busy buying the one that suits them. That makes this option a bit of a gamble — you’ll find the sweetest deal, or you’ll be forced to buy something with more or less specs than you originally needed.

In a Warmer Winter

When you find a warm winter approaching, this means good news for you. The demand for the snowblowers isn’t going to be as crazy as the hectic seasons. Good news for you is bad news for retailers and suppliers; as the stock they’d ordered won’t be fully sold after all. This forces them to find new ways to increase the demand, usually resulting in a mid-season sale. While this can definitely be a good time to get your snowblower, the odds of waiting for a warm winter can be tricky. If odds aren’t in your favor, you’ll find yourself in the same old pinch.

Other Ways to Get Great Deals Regardless of Season

Now that you know how different seasons can affect the deals when it comes to buying a snowblower, it’s worth it to mention that there are other ways you could get a sweet deal - regardless of seasonal changes.

These ways include the following methods:

1. Online Shopping

More often than not you’ll find pretty good deals when shopping online. Whether it’s a new manufacturer who’s just getting started and are trying to attract new customers, a special occasion, or individuals selling their used equipment, your chances of getting good deals are high. However, you might not have any guarantee on the quality you’re buying, so beware.

2. Online Payment

Some online stores try to encourage their customers to finalize their payments through online portals, and there’s no better encouragement than offering a discount whenever the payment is made online.

3. Clearance Sale

If there’s a retail shop that has recently gone out of business, you might find the best deals for brand new items over there.

4. Scratch and Dent Sale

When it comes to damaged items that have been refurbished, you’ll find them at much better deals compared to the brand-new ones. Damaged items that are on scratch and dent sales are mostly always perfectly functional, having undergone only cosmetic damage.

5. Purchasing in Bulk

Manufactures love bulk orders; they cut down on the operational and shipping costs like nothing else. If you have a group of neighbors or friends who want to get their snow blowers too, you might find this option a lifesaver.

To find the best deals on your snowblower, you need to think and act smartly. Waiting until the storm hits your door is the worst thing you can do. Instead, you want to shop for snowblowers when the selection is vast and the prices are sweet, which makes summer your best bet. Waiting for an end-of-season sales might get your sweet deals, but you’ll be limited in options. You can also find great deals in different ways — if you know where to look for them.

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