My Frugal Accomplishments This Week

Ok, I challenged myself to share a write up of the frugal things I did that week, every week, even if it's no amazing or long list. So here it is, even if it seems paltry this week.

My frugal accomplishments the last week were the following:

I booked frugal travel fare using a refund I redeemed for a trip that I'm no longer going on, after price comparing the cheaper flight from a longer distance and more expensive bus ride, and figuring out which is cheaper this time.

I booked a rental car for my trip to Bulgaria, after price checking, seeing how much a car would cost for a week, and seeing how much bus fare would cost for a week for 5 of us. Guess what? A car is pretty much the same price, for much more convenience.

When I was in town, I stocked up on the cheapest honey I can get, as well as bought jaggery to use to make jaggery syrup.

I caught a lift into town instead of taking the bus.

I bought sensory toys and products at great prices with free shipping from the US via Amazon.

I made a homemade version of a store bought drink my kids like.

I picked lemon grass from my garden.

I bought a TV mount cheaply as part of an early Black Friday sale.

I bought pasta and whole chickens on sale.

I butchered 2 whole chickens into parts.

I foraged amaranth, fennel, hawthorn, sow thistle, sumac, and mallow.

I made homemade cheese.

I made an amaranth tomato sauce, sumac ade, fennel tea, and salad with mallow and sow thistle, all foraged.

What did you do to save money this week? 

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  1. Oh my, you have to tell us how you made homemade cheese. Was it farmers cheese? And good for you for sticking with your blog goals!

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