My Recent Frugal Accomplishments

Our new trampoline, in the process of being put together

So I've started this again, where I write up my frugal accomplishments, and save them until I feel like I actually have "enough" that it's "worthy" of a post. But you know what I decided? I'm not going to wait until I have an impressive enough list. I'm going to share my frugal accomplishments on a two week basis, no matter how many things are on the list, because what I am doing is enough.

So here's what I did that saved money these past two weeks.

  • Got free ice cream. I have this card at a local ice cream place that I take my kids to sometimes. Every certain amount of visits you get a free ice cream, and I utilized that on a recent day out with my daughter.
  • Traded bottles for cash. Locally we can get back the included cash deposit if we return certain bottles and cans to the store. I got some bottles and cans that other people were throwing out, and got back the deposit money from them.
  • Our new trampoline. I bought a trampoline from a discount site and put it together with my kids, no paying for professionals.
  • DIY plumbing. I unclogged a sink and a very stubborn shower drain myself, without needing to call the plumber.
  • DIY carpentry. I fixed a broken kitchen cabinet.
  • Free clothes and books. Got a bunch of stuff from the clothes and houseware share for free.
  • Discount clothes. Unfortunately Lee didn't manage to find clothes he liked that fit him at the clothes and houseware share, but he ended up finding and buying a bunch of things that were name brand at discount prices.
  • Free games. When I was in America I wanted to buy my kids a certain board game, but it was pricey there and asked on Facebook where the cheapest place to buy that game is. A friend said that she had the game and her kids no longer play it, so she's happy to give it to me. And when I went there, she ended up giving me not just that game but 4 other games her kids don't use anymore. My kids are thrilled with that one game so far; they have no idea about the rest of the games because I'm saving them for holiday gifts.
  • Discount passports. Passports locally are cheaper in the winter, and they're also cheaper if you pay for them online, so for our trip abroad next month I booked passport appointments soon and prepaid to get them for a fraction of the price.
  • Lowered my grocery budget. Lowered my grocery budget for this past month and managed to stick to it.
  • Single moms day out. Went on a discounted single moms day out to a spa.
  • Made homemade tomato sauce. I didn't even have all the right ingredients, so I combined a few random things I had to make it.
  • Made homemade pizza. Frugal and a fun activity for the kids at the same time.
  • Made homemade bread with the leftover pizza dough.
  • Repurposing food. Turned stale leftover bread into toast.
  • Foraged amaranth greens and sea beet.
  • Made a homemade version of my favorite restaurant food.
  • Stocked up on groceries from the scratch and dent store.
Not as long a list as some other times, but not too shabby either.

What things did you do recently to save money?

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  1. Kudos on your recent frugal achievements. I did great yesterday morning at Kroger. I managed to save 53% off my total bill by waiting to do a major stock up when I had a 13% off total order due to a Halloween thing they had going on. Now I'm stocked up for the winter and I even used some paper and E-coupons to boot!
    BTW, you can also use stale bread to make croutons for salads.

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