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As a homeowner, I have more expenses than a renter, as well as more responsibility. But with that comes the benefit that I can invest in money saving technology. This post, sent in by a reader, offers some insight about how investing in good thermostat technology can help save you money.

You may already know that taking care of your home's HVAC equipment is a worthwhile investment. For example, when you pay for regular HVAC maintenance, you invest in the energy savings, convenience, and long-term viability of a properly working, clean system. Many homeowners are ready to take the next step in their HVAC investments by getting a modern smart thermostat. If you have a smartphone, you'll be able to connect with and control your smart thermostat easily with an app.

You may have grown up with a traditional thermostat. If so, you probably are familiar with the sacrifice of having to choose whether to blow heat or cold air into unoccupied rooms in order to be comfortable in your own room. With a traditional thermostat, energy savings might have come at the cost of your own comfort. Smart thermostats, like traditional thermostats, will also save you money if you use your HVAC system less. The difference is the convenience and specialization that smart thermostats have, making them much more practical for busy families to use.

Gideon Heating and Air Conditioning can install smart thermostats to provide room-specific heating and cooling so that in no time you'll be programming schedules for temperature settings to change. You can even automate the process of energy-saving adjustments by letting your thermostat work with your phone's GPS to learn when you're home and in need of heat or AC. By using smart thermostats, you can go from having HVAC savings come at the expense of comfort, to having an easy way to save and relax at the same time.

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