A Comprehensive Guide To Saving Money While Eating Out

I will admit, I enjoy eating out. But it can definitely eat away at your budget. For that reason, here's a post from a reader on how to save money while eating out.

There is a popular notion that does the rounds regarding fast food. We have all grown up learning that fast-food is the arch-enemy of our health. Gorging relentlessly on all the crispy chicken and cheesy burst pizza that various food outlets have to offer to us might provide comfort for a while. But in the long run, they severely impair our metabolism and give rise to several diseases. However, hold that thought! Do not go by how you have been conditioned to think about a particular thing since a young age. It is important to view things in shades of grey rather than definitive black or white. Fast-food might give rise to apprehensions regarding health and the amount of money we spend on them. But, there are a few dimensions that elude our senses. Human beings tend to form judgements without proper analysis and insight, which further leads to them making terrible decisions. Speaking of judgements, we have endeavoured to put together an article that shall furnish ways in which you can enjoy fast-food and eating out to your heart’s content, with as less money as possible.

Check Online-Deal Sites:

You might not be aware of this useful bit of information, but there are several sites that offer amazing deals on restaurants and food outlets. You need only scour for these sites and find the frugal offers that you think can do justice to your finances. Some sites for you to look into are OpenTable, Living Social and the like. The next time you plan on ordering from a restaurant or have a dinner reservation with your team, make sure that you have the best offers ready at your disposal.

Get Those Coupons All Right:

We have no dearth of food delivery apps these days. And most of them come with decent coupon codes that you can apply on your orders. Coupons help in saving up quite some money on the food order you place through these apps. Therefore, the next time you examine the kfc menu on foodpanda, you might as well use one of these coupons.

Avail The Discounted Gift Cards:

Some of these food delivery apps that we mentioned in the aforementioned point also offer discounted gift cards on occasions, and it would do you good to get your hands on them. You might not feel the need for these cards, and it might feel like a waste to some of you. However, discounted cards step into the scene as a saviour when you least expect them to. Therefore, do not take these little things for granted and instead collect as many of them as possible.

Go Slim On Tipping:

Going slim on tipping is not a cheap shot if that is what bothers you. In fact, you can choose restaurants where tipping is not expected out of their customers. Several restaurants have a strict ‘no tipping’ rule, and customers are expected to abide by it. It would help if you went about an extensive research process on the restaurants that have such a practice, or where tipping is restricted to a bare minimum. More often than not, we tend to spend our money less on food and more on the factors that accompany it, like taxes and tips. Therefore, it is always a wise idea to look for restaurants where tipping is minimum or zilch.


Besides the ideas mentioned in the article, there are still several other ways that one can go about saving money on fast-food or eating out. Eating out does not always have to mean an unhealthy lifestyle. Millions across the globe depend on food outlets and online delivery for their survival since not everyone gets to stay at home and make a career. Most of us might have to travel and live far away from home. In such scenariosA, it is always advisable to look for means where one does not have to spend much on ordering food from restaurants, yet have the scope of enjoying hearty meals!

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