Monday, December 9, 2019

Facing Fatherhood For The First Time

Though most of my readership is female, I know there are definitely some men reading this too! If you're becoming a father soon, here's some tips for you from reader George to help with your transition.

Having your first baby will change your life forever. Fathers expect to have wonderful moments with their first newborn child, but they should be prepared for equally terrifying ones, too. The good news is, with emotional support and proper planning, you can manage this life-changing event with your partner.

Here are some tips that will help you as a first-time father.

Be present

Just because pregnancy and breastfeeding are exclusively mother-related, doesn’t mean that you can’t be a part of your baby’s life once s/he is born. Fathers are able to take care of many duties like changing diapers, managing hospital visits, and taking turns to care for the baby until the mother takes a break. It’s also advised for you to read and learn more about how to effectively care for babies. According to recent studies, involved fathers are more likely to purchase new techniques and gadgets to help make their routine easier. For fathers that struggle to put their babies to sleep, they can find and compare white noise machines here; these devices help soothe babies to have a better sleep. The fact is, new mothers are overwhelmed with their body changes, breastfeeding and raising the baby, which makes them more likely to play it safe by sticking to traditional ways. Fathers, on the other hand, are always looking for better alternatives to make their parenthood easier.

Work on your communication

Many people will offer you advice on how to raise your baby, but the most important person you need to listen to, is your partner. Knowing how to communicate will be the most important tool to pass this phase. Ask your partner how she’s feeling and if she needs anything to ease the tension. Divide responsibilities between the both of you; decide who will bathe the baby, manage night shifts, and plan house-related responsibilities.

Remember your partner

Don’t forget that your partner, who is now the mother of your child, is the love of your life that you’ve chosen to start a family with. While sex may not be a viable option for the time being, seeing as your sex drive might decrease, continuing to display affection towards your partner is important. At a later stage, when your sex drives are back to normal, discuss honestly how you can both enjoy sex again with all the physical and hormonal changes that your partner may be going through.

Pay attention to your mental health

Although fathers do not endure the same hormonal imbalances a mother faces, it is a proven fact that they do experience hormonal changes as well. This may make them sleep deprived, which may lead to what’s similar to postpartum depression in new mothers. So why not encourage one another to eat well, go for a walk with your baby in a stroller, or listen to some music? Anything that will give you a break and lighten up your mood can help you overcome this phase.

Being a father for the first time can be as overwhelming as a mother’s responsibility. Yet, when parents support each other, this will keep the well-being of both of them in check, and will encourage a healthy atmosphere for their baby.