Moving To London? Here Are Some Ways To Live Cheap In London

I loved my visit to London, it was amazing. Here's a post from reader Tom about how to live in London on a budget, but to be honest, most of these tips also apply to those visiting. Hope you like these tips.

Living in London is a dream, but it comes with a price and a very expensive one at that. We all know that London is probably one of the most expensive cities and building a life without a strong financial job can be very difficult. Even if you have landed a job in London, it’s important to live on a budget during the initial months until you save enough money for future luxuries. And if your salary scale is less than the average amount paid in London, it is necessary to skimp on money until you get a higher paying job.

To ease your stress, we have a few suggestions on how to live cheaply in London while moving.

Search for Cheaper Supermarkets

Even though it is relatively easy to find cheap supermarkets in London, you can research and find the cheapest and closest to your place. A lot of supermarkets are cutting down on prices due to the increasing competition, and this is your chance to make the most out of it. If you find one with the cheapest deals but is located far, you can make weekly trips and buy stuff in bulk. It will not only save you money in total but will also provide you with coupons and discount tickets with longer bill amounts. Instead of spending ₤50 weekly earlier, you can save ₤50 monthly by doing so.

Look For Accommodation Away From the Center

The biggest factor that will determine and overcut your expense budget is the rent and accompanying bills. With an average of ₤1000-₤1200 of rent per month for a single room apartment, expenses in London are inconceivable. If you save on the rent, you have saved a major amount of money per month. Firstly, you need to adjust in a single room in an apartment that is shared by others, which will cost you around ₤400-₤500 depending on the locality, or find a room in the outskirts if you don’t prefer sharing the apartment and don’t mind traveling far distances. The latest London tube rent map indicates the rental price difference around various zones and distances from the central stations. This factor alone can cut your expenses by almost half.

 If you’re tensed about sharing the apartment due to cleaning and maintenance reasons, you can search for a reasonably priced cleaning company in your vicinity that can ensure proper cleaning and doesn’t overcut your budget. It’s better to pay less than half to the cleaning service for regular maintenance of the apartment rather than paying double rent every month. Also, it’s a great way to get your deposit back from your landlord in full amount.Make sure to stay away from expensive areas such as Muswell Hill, Crystal Palace, Dulwich, and several others as it can empty your pockets with skyrocketing rents. You can also try Airbnb instead of living in a hotel if you’re staying for a shorter period.

Buy a Bicycle

Another way to save money is to ride a bicycle to work instead of taking the tube. Public transportation is quite expensive in London, and switching to a bicycle can basically cut a major expense. Needless to say, riding a bicycle every day is also beneficial for your health, making you fitter and fresher. London is slowly accepting this positive change, which is also environment-friendly with important figures promoting it by riding a bicycle to work every day. You should consider it as well.

Save Money While Going Out

You most certainly need to prepare food at home as much as you can because it can cost you half of what you spend outside. But we all need some outing occasionally. Set a lower monthly budget for recreational expenses. You can manage with a lower budget by going out once a week instead of twice. Even if you feel like going out more, look for not-too-fancy restaurants. Various restaurants and eateries also follow the lesser-known concept of providing discounts to the people who take the first table during the evening. You can ask the restaurant before deciding to dine-in.

Using mobile applications that provide coupons on pizzerias, certain diners, and dessert places can also be checked out when you are in charge of choosing the place. You can also find coupons on salon treatments like haircuts and massages. Certain cinemas provide offers during festivals or a particular day of the week. Switching your movie plans and visiting the cinema on that day can save you almost half the ticket price. You simply need to be aware of the offers, discounts, and coupons provided because they don’t speak about aloud. Some restaurants also sell food for more than 70% discounts right before closing. This can satisfy your late-night cravings and you get to taste quality cooking.

If you’re a student who is moving to London for further studies, make maximum use of your student card as it can give you discounts in museums, art galleries and a few events. Even though London is an expensive city, you can make the most of your living experience with a small budget to survive. If you wish to spend lavishly down the road, it’s okay to be frugal initially.

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