Snow Fun in Bansko, Bulgaria- Day 3, Part 2

I mentioned the other day about how we traveled 2 hours by car to reach Bansko, the town at the foot of Todorka Peak in the Pirin Mountains, and the skiing we arranged and planned. But after such a long drive, we weren't going to turn around and go back once we did that, especially since we finally got to a place where there was snow!

My 5.5 year old daughter Rose had never experienced snow in her life. Anneliese, at nearly 8, only played in the snow as a baby, and my older two, Lee and Ike, have just faint memories of playing in the snow, and mostly from pictures.

So snow was a big deal. Like seriously.

Like when we first saw a few little patches of snow on the ground in Sofia, the kids had a snowball fight. So of course when we saw these larger patches of snow on the ground in Bankso, the kids wanted to play.

But I told them we'd find more snow, and we did.

But first I want to show you Bansko.

It may be in Bulgaria, but its what I'd expect of a Swiss village in the Alps, with gorgeous hotels, beautiful architecture that you'd expect in a chalet.

I've had this nearly lifelong dream to go to the Alps, and this little stop in Bansko fulfilled just some of that desire.

Once we arranged all our skiing things, we went up the mountain to find better snow. 

As the road wound back and forth, underneath the 20 minute long ski lift, we saw more and more snow along the road.

The only problem was where to park. Finally, we found this great snowy area, at the start of a hiking trail, a few meters from the parking lot of a chalet style hotel. We got permission to park, and then made our way to the snow.

First step! Snowman! This was a family project, and the kids dubbed it Snowlaff, rhyming with Olaf from Frozen. It had a skirt, since the first time we tried to put a snowball on another, it smashed. So skirt it is, and its a girl.

It was so picturesque and just gorgeous.

Lots of memory making!

And finally a picture with me!

The girls made snow angels, things they've talked about for years, but never had a chance to do until now.

They had a great time!

We made hand prints in the snow.

Look how tiny hers are compared to mine!

I absolutely adore this photo, think I'm gonna print it and frame it.

This one is also quite awesome.

Then my kids fulfilled a life long dream...

Making a snow fort!

It was a team effort!

Great place to hide for a snowball fight!

Unfortunately, we only got a late start to our day, so by the time we were finished with our fort, the sun was nearly setting.

And so, it was time to head back...

But it was awesome fun!

Saw this gorgeous waterfall on the way back.

And Bansko at night.

But we'll be back tomorrow. Can't wait to share more with you after that. But next post, about our next two days in Sofia.

What is your family's favorite thing to do in the snow? Do you get much snow where you live, or is it a novelty?

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  1. So happy you got to enjoy your vacation with the children. Keep up the great posts!

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