The Benefits of Having a Generator For Every Home

Where I live, we have far too many blackouts. We have power outages in the summer when everyone is using their AC and the electric company is overloaded, so they shut down. And we have power outages in the winter, when everyone is using their heating, and then we freeze. And then there's all those times that I'm trying to work but am unable to because of a blackout. So yes, having a generator is something that I've considered (especially since locally our heating is electric). Here's some more ideas why getting a generator is a good idea.

Many of us don't really think about it, but generators are a great addition that every home must have. You'll only understand their importance in emergency situations that completely disrupt your life, but you shouldn’t wait until the worst happens to be prepared. There are many reasons why generators can be considered necessary, and here’s a quick overview:

Carrying Your Power Source with You

The great thing about generators is that you can reap their benefits in many forms. You can get a portable generator and enjoy added flexibility, portability, and other features. Moreover, you can get a quiet portable generator to maintain your peace of mind, and once you read about it here, you won't have it any other way. While there are some tricks to quieten your generator in general, getting one that’s already optimized will spare you the hassles. This will come in very handy in various home issues, as well as come to your aid on your outdoor adventures.

Operating Normally During a Power Outage

All of us have suffered from a sudden power outage at some point in our lives. These are the times when we go back to the era of our ancestors; lighting candles and using stones to light a fire. Okay, maybe not to the extent of creating fire by stone friction, but it’d be a really cool thing to do during a power outage!

However, not everything can be fixed by using ancient techniques. In this digital age, our whole household is built on electricity. Everything from home appliances to electronics operates on electricity, so finding yourself stuck without it puts your life on hold, for as long as it takes for the power to return.

In such dire times, having a generator is the most practical solution to your power outage. As soon as the power goes out, the generator will kick in and supply you with the needed electricity. You’ll be able to operate your ACs, use your home appliances, continue your work, and go about your daily chores unaffected by the outage.

Preventing Damage

A power outage can be detrimental even if you’re far away from home. If you’ve left your home with some automated tasks, such as watering your plants through your irrigation system or preserving food in the freezer, then a power outage is going to interfere with these processes. This is especially important if you stockpile food in the freezer, and will stop you coming home from vacation to a freezer full of spoiled meat, as happened to me. Having a generator that kicks in when the power goes out will preserve your garden, crops, food, and other processes from being damaged until you return home.

Having Access to Power During Construction

What do you do if you don’t have any power to start with? Generators come in a handy way before the power goes out. During construction, when electricity lines haven’t even been set up yet, using a generator will give you the power you need to complete the construction. But even if you have access to electricity, you’ll need the generator when you’re fixing or extending your property. There are many situations in which you’ll need to cut off the primary source of electricity to do additional construction, and having an independent source of power from your generator will be needed in those situations.

Having a Power Source During Emergencies

Power can go out during a normal outage, or it can be completely cut off in emergency situations that arise from natural disasters. These kinds of catastrophic occurrences are dangerous and chaotic, and they require proper planning in advance. In those situations, you’ll be well-prepared by having a generator that lasts you for as long as you need to survive until the emergency has been resolved.

Preserving Home Equipment

While people may consider power outage to be the opposite of having electricity, having electricity in itself can be a problem. This is true in the case of an unstable power supply that keeps on fluctuating; it can severely damage your equipment and appliances. If the power supply is unstable, you can easily switch off the electricity and use the generator until it becomes stable.

No matter where you live, having a generator is an essential add-on to your home. It’s going to act as your primary source of electricity during a power outage, allowing you to go on with your daily activities as usual. It will prevent any damage to your home when you’re far away, and help you through emergency situations. You can depend on it when the power supply is unstable, and you can maximize its benefits by getting a portable one that suits your needs.

Do you have a generator? How long have you had one? How much did it cost you, and how much does upkeep cost you? Or do you also want a generator? I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. We've been saving for a generator for a long time. In the rural US, our power goes out for natural disasters (hurricanes, blizzards, ice storms) and sometimes for no reason we understand. The longest outage was a couple weeks, but luckily it was winter and food could be kept outside. (It was sure cold though). One thing we did was pick up an RV propane heater to use in one room == it doesn't use electricity and keeps us warm in the winter outages. But that doesn't help in the summer, when food spoils and the heat can be miserable. (If we had a well, it would require power to keep water flowing, so that would be another reason to get a generator. We use a spring for our water though.) So we keep saving for a whole house generator.

  2. I would like a generator but really have no need. We have underground utilities and our power rarely goes out and when it does it's maybe 2 to 5 minutes. Long enough to light a candle or two then blow them out. Being a semi-prepper, I want one, but saving for one is way way down on the list of things I need. I was looking at solar powered generators just yesterday, the price tag though...WOW. Almost 10K for a good set up. Perhaps once I've retired and moved somewhere else I'll get one. For now, I'm good. Keep up the great posts. Thanks.

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