Things You Need to Know About Modular Homes

I find the concept of modular homes to be fascinating, but at the same time, will admit that I don't know so much about them. Here's more about them, sent in by a reader.

When the average individual starts looking into the home and real estate world, the term “modular home” gets tossed around. Now, people outside of the industry might not know what a modular home is, or what it can offer. Modular homes are homes that are built offsite from the location it’s eventually going to be on. It’s perfect for people who are looking into customization, but haven’t found the style or type they are looking for. They’re perfect for the young creative and for the luxury aficionado alike.

If you’re new to the idea of the modular home, here are some things you need to know before jumping in.

What really is a modular home?

First off, when you’re referring to a modular home, you must know that it will be permanently set into the ground once it reaches its destination. These are not “manufactured homes.” Those houses are built to be able to pick up and be transported from place to place. They’re also not mobile homes. What a modular home truly is, is a house that has its components put together somewhere else. It’s a method of construction that allows for a streamlined and quick creation that wastes no time on doing so. Since each individual home is made to order, you have a team and all the support right behind you, making sure that your vision for the space becomes a true reality. They’re not serving some giant corporation that deals with land development. They’re dealing directly with you. That, in the end, means the best product.

The bespoke home experience

The experience of having a custom home is often seen as something completely out of reach for everyday people. It isn’t. It’s at around the same price you’d pay for any other home. You don’t have to make multiple trips out to different neighborhoods, only to realize that you don’t like how the kitchen looks. You don’t have to settle for a place that makes you uncomfortable in any way, shape or form. You can put the kitchen on the 5th floor if it pleases you. You’ll be working with a group of people that can measure out and plan out the feasibility of any design you’re looking at within the available options at hand. And if they say you can put a jacuzzi in the bedroom with a skyroof? It’s yours.

Applying your own standards

When you have the ability to make decisions about your home, you can have the option to get it made within certain timeframes and with certain materials. You have the ability to make them eco-friendly as well. Because mass-production and development is only concerned with the bottom line, most things go off the wayside in terms of environmental consciousness. By nature, they really can’t be because they’d have to drive the price up on every single unit they build. But as a bespoke home owner, you can fit your home to the standards and ideals that you apply to the rest of your life.

Modular homes are the way of the future. They’re a step towards being able to fully customize living spaces by utilizing advanced processing and construction techniques. Pair that with new technologies coming out in other industries like 3D printing and updated solar, and you’re looking towards a bright, bright future.

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