Thursday, January 2, 2020

6 Simple Ways to Experience Luxury in Your Own Home

I live in a relatively small home, and my old home was a bit of a dump, in part because of how tiny it was, and for other reasons as well. When we moved into our current home, I said that I wanted to make my bedroom into a haven, make myself have a luxurious bedroom so I wouldn't feel the need to go away to experience luxury. If you want to make your home more luxurious, here's some great ideas on how you can make your home into that little piece of heaven. 

Certain features in your home could elevate your house in the most luxurious ways. We are all pretty comfortable in our humble homes and our comfort zones that we wouldn’t trade for the world. However, a little bit of luxury here and there never hurts anyone.

The best of homes are ones that combine comfort, luxury, and functionality. Your home doesn't have to be big, snazzy, or anything above average to get some elements of luxury in it without having to sacrifice anything else or break the bank.

Let's have a look at some small changes you can make.

Add height

While you don’t have the power to actually raise your ceiling, you can come up with a few tricks to make a room seem to have more height in it. For instance, hang your curtains at ceiling level and not just above the windows. In this case, however, depending on the kind of curtains you prefer, you’ll want to get it right on the measurements. This will help you end up with curtains that fit right from top to bottom, whether you’re buying ready-made or going for custom-made options. Even if it comes to creating your curtains DIY, one of those calculators from can help make your life easier. When designing your curtains, figuring out midpoints, percentages, sizes, portions, and patterns can be a simpler task for you. You can’t stop to imagine how internet technology has made our lives easier these days.

In a nutshell, height makes any room look more luxurious. For instance, hang your curtains at ceiling level and not just above the windows. When the ceiling looks higher, it makes a room look larger, so this little tip will help, especially in rooms that are small. Creative moldings between the wall and ceiling will also add an air of elegance.


You’ll find that all luxury homes emphasize the lighting. They don't use the same types of lights everywhere. Some lights are dim and some others are bright and used for different tasks, such as reading or sewing. Investing in a new chandelier or some indirect lights is well worth it because of the change they will make. If you’re going more for lamp shades, larger ones give a newer and classy look.


You can turn your 5-minute shower into a grand experience when you have a luxury bathroom. A luxurious bathroom is always a step ahead of basic ones. These bathrooms could include a Bluetooth shower head, an extension for your shower head to maneuver as you like, or a shower panel, as all these items make a difference. For instance, one amazing thing about shower panels is that you can find both cheap and expensive ones and still get a decent build quality. Nevertheless, reviewers at Showering Center claim familiarizing yourself with different reviews might make your choice easier. You can skim through a lot of information on different shower items. With diverse up-to-date bathroom hardware, you'll make that quick shower feel like a spa experience.

Go plush

Plush is almost synonymous to luxury. A thin, worn-out mattress in the bedroom, skimpy cushions on your couch, and fabrics that show the wear and tear of many years compromise those three elements of comfort, luxury, and functionality. An old mattress makes it difficult to get some much-needed sleep; plus, a worn-out sofa can only last so long before it needs a fabric change or upholstery. Placing pillows in plush fabrics on the bed and couches of different sizes and textures will immediately give a touch of class.


For an immediate revamp of your home, a new paint job will work its magic. The colors that you use will spell out luxury. You must have noticed in the thousands of pictures people upload of luxury homes that the walls are usually in a neutral palette. Ivory and taupe shades are always easy to match with other items in your home, including the type of flooring. You can also have different textures and materials used on walls instead of all paint, which makes for a more interesting look. You can combine areas of paint with areas using wallpaper, for instance.


The main part of your budget to create elegance should go to your bulk furniture or big items because you don’t have to spend much at all to accessorize and have an obvious visual effect. Small ideas in the form of accessories and the right placement of these accessories are pretty much all you need. For instance, mirrors are a fantastic way to create the illusion of more space.

When it comes to rugs, it’s better to ground the room with an area rug, rather than just a tiny rug under a table which could look disproportional. Indoor plants are another beautiful accessory. Always opt for real plants since they’re much chicer than anything artificial. Artificial plants and flowers gather dust and can be difficult to keep clean.

The golden rule of luxury is "less is more." Eliminating clutter should actually be your first step for an elegant and inviting home. These small changes will take your house from ordinary to extraordinary. They’re easy and inexpensive things to do for the look and feel of a luxe home.