Thursday, January 30, 2020

Building a Playhouse: Is it Cheaper to Do it Yourself?

Did you grow up with a playhouse in your backyard? Did you always want one as a kid? Have you considered getting a playhouse for your kid? If you have been considering that, you might wonder if it is cheaper to build one yourself. Here's some ideas to consider the costs if you want to DIY this.

Providing your kids with a playhouse is a luxury. Instead of spending all day indoors, they will get to have a space of their own where they can invite their friends and play with their toys. As you realize how a playhouse will make your kids happy, social, and more willing to go outside, you will start thinking of having one in your backyard, but as you start shopping for one online you will find the smallest playhouses start at $200. This is why you should consider building a playhouse on your own. If you have adequate construction skills and the proper tools, then you can certainly build a playhouse without spending a lot of money.

But before you decide on which design you are going to build; you’ll need to consult with your children first. It is their playhouse after all. There are multiple designs, they can choose from and they can even help you in building it.

Here are a few simple designs that won’t cost you a lot of money.

Princess Playhouse

A princess playhouse is a beautiful addition to your backyard and will bring joy to your little girl’s heart. The bright colors will attract everyone’s attention and your little princess will play there for hours on end. Building a princess playhouse, however, will require a lot of tools and a bit of dexterity. This is why looking for DIY guides from is necessary if your construction skills are lacking in some areas. You also need to make sure you have all the necessary tools for building the playhouse before starting and DIY guides will point you in the right direction regarding which tools you should purchase. The cost of building this beauty could be as low as $1780 while purchasing a custom playhouse starts at $3000 and up to $100,000.

Reading Nook

This design is the simplest and the most perfect design for your book lover child. They will get to read their favorite books and spend time outside at the same time. The simple build won’t require a lot of materials to be finished. Some skill, angle braces, and screws and the playhouse will be fully built. Make sure do decorate the interior to your child’s tastes as they will be spending a lot of hours reading there.

Juice Bar Playhouse

Building a juice bar playhouse is another inexpensive idea that will fill the hearts of your kids who love juice! They will get the chance to serve juice from the confines of their playhouse to their friends after they choose what they want from the menu beside the bar. You can add fruit salad to the counter and decorate the place with flower pots to make the place is more enchanting! Don’t forget to supply the place with napkins, small wooden chairs, and straws.

A-Frame Playhouse

You can build an A-frame playhouse in your backyard without using a lot of tools and the results will be gorgeous! There are many ideas on what you can do with the space inside the playhouse, for example, you can build a kitchenette or sitting area. In any case, your children will surely spend a lot of their time there. Use vibrant paint colors and always decorate it with colored pots and different flowers.

Indoor Playhouse

This sounds rather counterproductive because what’s the point if you want your children to spend more time outside? Easy, you will need an indoor playhouse when summer is over and the weather is getting too cold or rainy. An indoor house is perfect, especially if your kids want a small space to hang out in. Also, everybody will fall in love with a small indoor playhouse. All you’re going to need is the materials you’re going to build it with and an unoccupied space in your house. An empty alcove would be an excellent spot for an indoor playhouse.


Dollhouses are small, portable, and light. This means that your project won’t be a large one. However, you’ll need a bit of artistry as you build it to get the best results. Building a dollhouse is not easy, but if you have adept construction skills and your child desires a dollhouse that they could carry with them wherever they want, then this is one you should go for.

Needless to say, it’s actually cheaper to build it yourself. So, you can have a DIY playhouse that will range from $1000 to $5000 dollars if you don’t have the materials all ready. This sounds like a bargain against the $3000–$100,000 range of customized playhouses. You just need to review your options. Your knowledge and skills will contribute to the process of building the playhouse, so be sure that you will be able to follow the design plans as accurately as possible.