Businesses to Try for People with a Tight Budget

When you're short on cash, the answer people generally have is "then go get a job". But some people have been in the job market for a while and can't find anything suitable, or they need to be home for whatever reason, like they are taking care of children or other reasons. People in such situations often get sucked into dangerous and costly multilevel marketing schemes, which I'll talk about in a future post, but for now, I wanted to share with you some jobs you can do from home, without needing to invest a lot of money, if at all.

Like most people nowadays, it’s likely that you’re always on the lookout for ways to smartly manage your finances. With the increasing life demands, your paycheck rarely holds up until the end of the month. You occasionally find yourself having to rethink your weekend hangouts with your friends because you just cannot afford it anymore. Add to all of that your life-long dream of being a business owner.

You should not put the brakes on this ambition on the account of not having enough finances. People are usually hindered by either their lack of ambition or lack of drive when thinking about starting up their own business, but not by money.

If you’re still on the fence about what kind of business to start with your limited budget, below you will find some interesting ideas that will not cost you an arm or leg to initiate:

Online tutoring

If you are passionate about teaching and sharing your knowledge with others, online tutoring is the perfect business for you. It will cost you almost nothing to set up your business and get started right away. In order to properly track your costs versus income, seek advice from the professionals at for trusted consultations regarding what you are doing right and what needs to be rethought, in order to have profits at the end of the month. You’ll only need a laptop with a good webcam and decent internet connection and you’ll have yourself a tutoring business. Make sure you do your research on what rates to charge your clients and try to find a competitive edge to rely on such as being reachable around the clock.

A blogging business

Blogging is more popular than ever nowadays. Unlike before, it is considered a legitimate business that can generate more income than many typical jobs that people are familiar with. If you are interested in fashion or have experience in home decorating or flower arrangement-whatever is the topic of your choice- you have a very good chance of running a successful blog.

You will need to pick a domain name and then find tons of templates online to choose the design of your blog. And there you have it! Now all you have to do is start writing. Blogs are essentially creative outlets, so make sure you are authentic and interesting in order to create the needed traffic to start getting enough attention from advertising companies, as this is where all the big money comes from. Starting up a blog will not cost you a lot of money, but will definitely need you to be open to reaching out to other similar bloggers and relevant businesses for affiliation deals and collaborations.

Home-made food

If cooking and baking are appealing to you and sound like an enjoyable venture, put on your chef hat and give it a go. Local communities are more interested in supporting small businesses than ever, so if your products are up to standard, you can make a good living out of this business.

Conduct a taste survey around your neighborhood with individuals and in offices to collect feedback about whether your cakes and pastries are appealing enough. Try to get a catering deal with one or two local offices for a monthly fee, which will guarantee some needed fixed income. Cooking from the comfort of your home will save you a lot in overhead costs; all you have to do is find yourself a reliable wholesale supplier and an affordable delivery option to get your business off the ground.

Translation services

This would be a great option if you are experienced in a non-mainstream language like Dutch or Afrikaans. Of course, you can still get business with more common languages, but unique languages will open up the door to higher revenue due to a lack of supply in the market for such languages. Once you find clients, you can conduct your business from anywhere.

Ask satisfied customers to write reviews on your company’s website to get more exposure and attract audiences. This kind of business has great potential compared to the humble start you can begin with. You can move on to adding freelance translators to join you once the business picks up.

These are just a few examples of businesses to start when you do not have an abundance of capital to rely on. Many successful corporations have had simple beginnings and started with limited funds. What you start with is not what counts, but it’s more about how your “small” business will grow and thrive. As long as you have the will and desire to succeed, you should not let your budget limitations stand in the way of your dreams.

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