Frugal Accomplishments These Past Two Weeks

I'm sitting here, Saturday, trying to remember what frugal things I did this past week (and I realized I didn't even share one of these last week!!), so I can share with you, and I'm not remembering it most of it. I'm feeling like this was a very unfrugal week, but as I'm sitting here trying to remember, I'm also reminding myself that I worked a lot these past two weeks, many hours more than I usually do, so even if I didn't do so many specifically money saving things these weeks, overall they were weeks that were good for my bank account, so that's that.

But that doesn't mean I didn't do anything frugal, it just means that the frugal things I did do are different than what I do other weeks.

Frugal Fun
I went to a single mom's event in another city, and we all got fed yummy food and socialized and even came home with some great second hand books and a deliciously fluffy blanket. Yes, it was free, because it was sponsored by this awesome woman who wanted to do something nice for the community.

And this is something I do every week but it's also frugal fun and my list this week is short, so I'll add it in- I played a delightful Dungeons and Dragons session this week with my friends, so great and free nerdy fun.

I went with a friend to a movie, and got half off because of benefits from my credit card.

Frugal Transportation

I slept over at a friend's house in that city because I had another appointment the next day in that city, instead of going by bus back and forth, which also saved me time, as well as bus fare.

Three times this week I managed to get a ride with someone instead of going by bus. One of those times they said they were going into the city and they were going to drop me off by the bus stop that would get me to where I needed to go, but in the end they were traveling further and checked their Waze directions, and they ended up going literally to the door of where I needed to get to, so completely free transportation!

Frugal Shopping

I bought sneakers for my complicated feet at a cheap price on Amazon instead of paying a fortune locally.

I did price comparisons and bought the lowest priced produce I could find locally, and bought meat and fish on sale at terrific prices.

Frugal Cooking

When I didn't have energy to cook, I took out some food that I prepped in advance and stuck in my freezer, for super frugal "takeout".

I made a cheap version of a typically expensive dish, more on that in a future post.

I made homemade gluten free brownies, twice.

So no, not the most frugal two weeks, but that's ok. Not every week needs to be filled with "I did 1000 things to save money and I barely spent a cent". Weeks like this are totally fine too.

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  1. It's great you can have frugal me time. I'm curious as to what movie you saw. Oh me oh my, maybe even post a review!?!

  2. I decided to accelerate paying off my car loan, so frugality is key. I am doing a "pantry challenge" and so far have only spent $40 on groceries this month (as of the 19th). Yesterday I checked out 2 DVDs from the library (free). For Christmas I requested movie & restaurant gift cards, so I have "free" entertainment for awhile. I go to a hair dressing school and pay maybe half the cost of a regular salon. I stock up on store brand items on 1st Tues at Kroger, 10% off for seniors. I cancelled my newspaper subscription in Dec 2018, $26/month savings. Don't miss it. I will be paying off a 5 yr car loan in 2 yrs 2 months, and I intend to never again take out a loan for a car.

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