Here's What Frugal Accomplishments I Had This Week!

Yay, a frugal week in which I am proud to share what frugal things I accomplished without feeling weird about sharing only a small list. Of course, not every week is like this, but each time I did a frugal thing this week it was fun to "add to my tally" of frugal things.

So here's what I did this week.

Frugal in the Kitchen:

First off, I did a lot of making food from scratch, restaurant type foods. Some people might say "hey that's not a frugal thing, everyone makes food" but I'm adding it to the list because if my food is so darn good that it makes me feel like I got a better meal than I would at a restaurant, and it fulfills that eating out itch I have, then its frugal in my books.

So I made curry laksa soup. Which was frugal because it was restaurant type food that I had at home, and it was so amazing.

And for the laksa, I made homemade vegan laksa paste instead of the store bought laksa paste most recipes call for.

For my laksa, I picked lemongrass from my garden. Yay free stuff!

Then I made homemade nasi goreng, Indonesian fried rice, which was more restaurant quality food. Oh, and I used some tofu I found hidden in the freezer that was freezer burnt, so that was food rescuing and another frugal thing there.

I took a whole cheap chicken and chopped it into different parts to use for different meals, instead of paying more for the parts.

I used chicken frames to make homemade cheapo chicken broth.

I used my leftover laksa curry paste and some of the broth to make more curry laksa soup a different night.

I had a can of tomato paste partially used in the fridge, and leftover chicken, so I deboned that, and made that into a gluten free djaj wa rishta (Syrian chicken and spaghetti) type dish, only with other types of noodles.

I had leftover butternut squash, and I took that and my partially opened can of coconut milk left from my curry laksa, and turned it into butternut squash pie.

I turned leftover rice into rice pudding.

I made cheapo homemade gluten free vegan "graham cracker crusts".

I made homemade gluten free vegan brownies, a bunch of times.

Frugal Shopping

I bought whole chickens on sale at a cheap store.

I bought anti flea pills for my dog on Amazon for a fraction of how much it costs locally at the vet. Also bought really cheap dog shampoo there.

I bought replacement parts for my Biolomix blender.

I stopped at the scratch and dent store and bought some things.

I bought myself cheap winter snow boots with good reviews from Amazon for my trip to Vienna this March.

I needed a new desk for myself to work, so I looked on Groupon and found and bought something there, after comparing it to price comparison websites and making sure it was actually cheaper.

Other Things

I installed the new toilet seat myself.

I booked a stay at a hostel dormitory for my upcoming trip to Vienna. This is my first time staying at a hostel, and I'm actually looking forward to it a lot.

That's it! Yup, long list, but its finally over!

What frugal things did you do this week? Anything you're especially excited to share about?

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  1. Great post, as always thanks for sharing. Instead of hiring a painter to make my house HOA approved, I bought the replacement siding to paint and replace the siding that is going to rot. Saved several hundred dollars right there. I'm saving up for vinyl siding but I don't have the 10K available right now and I don't want to put it on credit. So that's my big money saver this week. Keep up the great posts Penny.

  2. I'm really following your accomplishments and wish I could be like you.

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