Friday, January 31, 2020

How Solar Panels Can Slash Your Electricity Bill

Where I live, it is pretty standard for homes to come with solar panels. Our solar panels just heat our hot water, but even that is significant energy savings. More and more people are adding solar panels to their house to save money on electricity, and most people find it pays off, even if they end up taking a loan to pay for the solar panels. Here's a post from a reader on why you might want to consider getting solar panels for your home.

Thanks to modern technology, we can help improve our lives in ways we could not even just decades ago. One of these ways is by improving the use of our utilities. By implementing solar panels into our home use, we can help reduce our electricity bills. Outside of just reducing electricity bills, and how this happens will be discussed in depth, we can also improve our carbon footprint. Using solar panels is a good way to improve our eco-friendliness and help commit to positive change in environmental standards, even if it is just a small start.

If you want to know how solar panels can slash your electricity bill, check this information out:

Government rebates

Many governments offer rebates and tax breaks for people who use solar panels. The reason is that solar panels are less taxing on the electrical grid, so they offer some money back as a thank you. Solar panel government rebates are good ways to receive some money back that you can use for your other utilities, or for improving your solar panel contribution. Not only are you able to feel good about using a renewable source of energy, you can also benefit financially from this. The rates usually differ in countries, but a lot of governments are offering these rebates now because of the effectiveness of solar panels, and to help encourage more people to do so.

Reserve energy storage

Generating the energy is one thing, but storing it for reserve is another. Solar panels can help you create excess energy on particularly sunny days that can be stored for later use, especially if you are not home or are avoiding using energy. The best part about solar power generation is that it is very simple to accomplish, so simple that you can even do it yourself if you have the right equipment. You only need 3 main components; inverter, solar panels, and a battery. This can help for those we do not want to use much energy during the day and want to save it for use during the evening, or for specific uses like in the event of an emergency.

Steady utility cost

Sunlight might vary in how much your panels get during the day, but one thing that is constant is that they do not vary in price like traditional utilities. Because coal, gas, or other home power utilities can change depending on the market, which dictates how the price will be. Solar panels will collect as much sun as they can get during their peak periods, and as little when there is cloud cover, but there is no price rate that an electrical company can set because it is not in their control. This means a significant saving because utility companies cannot jack up the prices.

Little to no maintenance

How often do you see electrical companies fixing wires on electrical poles and houses? Pretty often, right? Well, with solar panels, this is not as much of a concern. While solar panels are not indestructible, they do require very little maintenance. Once installed, you do not need to worry about much because they are meant to sit atop a house or building and just collect the sun. When installed, the installation team will probably walk you through what goes where and why it is, where it is, and this is normal. Getting a good picture of how your solar panels work is just proper preparation. The biggest concern would be serious weather like snow, heavy rains or wind, but realistically, the panels will be fine. Even then, most of the parts of the panel that absorb the sunlight can be taken off and replaced easily.

Saving money on our utility bills, especially electrical bill, is a huge desire for most of us. These bills can add up and feel like it takes away from the majority of our financial goals. Constantly having to worry about rising electrical bills is not any way you want to live your life, and you do not need to if you know the options available to you. One of these options that can help you avoid the stress of high rising electrical bills is by installing solar panels. Solar panels present some serious benefits to you and your wallet. You can save money by generating this natural and renewable source of power, and have the piece of mind that you are committing to a responsible, eco-friendly lifestyle. Solar power is a great way to help you cut down on your electricity bill.

Do you have solar panels? What type? Do you found it saves you money? How much was the investment vs the monetary return?

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  1. I am curious to see people's input here. My husband and I have thought about installing solar panels. I would love to hear pros and cons.


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