Is Forex Trading Worth the Risk?

If you have money in savings, you might have thought to invest it and grow your money. There are many different ways to invest, and some of them are stocks, and others is forex trading. Both of them can be pretty risky, so this post sent in by reader Joel explains how Forex works and tackles whether or not it is worth the risk. At the end of the day, this is just my two cents- consider it a gamble, and don't invest money you can't afford to lose.

Forex trading allows for the exchange of international currencies, and like it's stock market counterpart, it is associated with a level of risk. A lot of speculation occurs within foreign currency exchange given its high level of volatility and liquidity, but this doesn't mean it doesn't have a place in your investment profile. If you're interested in reaching your investment goals and using Forex trading as a medium, you might be evaluating the risk and reward of these platforms.

All Trading Comes With Risk

If you've had experience with trading in the past, then you know that even the stock exchange comes with an inherent amount of risk. However, the stock market does offer the advantages of blue-chip stocks which are stocks that will gain value gradually with little risk whereas Forex trading does not. For stock traders operating on a day to day basis, there is a larger amount of risk for both exchanges. Foreign exchange markets also operate based on a risk-reward system and it's up to the personal judgment of the investor to choose whether or not they should use this form of trading.

The Advantages

Forex trading can be done 5 days a week, during all 24 hours, and that leaves a lot of room open to trading. Forex trading may even offer a lower initial investment expectation than traditional stock exchanges. In my area, the minimum requirement to invest in stocks is at least 500$, whereas Forex trading may require investments as low as 100$ although some require much higher. You also have the option of utilizing a wide array of Forex trading platforms, whereas with stock trading you may get more benefits associated with using your current bank. The Forex trading authorities from mention that utilizing a demo platform is essential. Forex trading platforms offering a free demo trading profile will allow you to get used to these markets.

Foreign exchange markets also have the largest volume of trading potential in any market worldwide, and this is mostly due to the fact it involves almost all international currencies. This means you'll be able to purchase, and trade at a faster rate than you might with other traditional forms of exchanges. You also won't be as limited with trading if there is a fall in the market nationally as you have access to all markets. The amount that commission and fees cost, you may be considerably less than stock trading.

The Disadvantages

Currencies are prone to a high rate of volatility, and keeping track of the news and the rise and fall of various markets might prove to be a bit cumbersome. It certainly has a large learning curve and may require a longer period of time to develop a trading strategy than other markets you're accustomed to. Sudden or immediate changes in currency value can lead to detrimental losses, so you'll want to ensure you have a handle on the trading process prior to investing any real money. You also need to do some research to find out if the Forex trading platform that you want to use is regulated, and by whom. The research will also need to be placed in how taxation operates within your country, and this may create added expense, but the traditional stock market also suffers from this.

Personal Investment Goals

Always consider your personal investment goals and available finances prior to engaging in any form of trading. Make sure you're okay losing the money you're going to initially invest as you learn and develop a trading strategy. Forex trading has the benefit of having a low initial investment cost, but changes can happen quickly so don't place all of your finances into one currency or the other. Keep track of the trades that you are partaking in and your profit percentage and overall success rate. Be realistic with your investment goals and don't envision Forex trading as a get rich quick scheme, it can take time to reach your investment goal with a small initial value of money.

As with all trading, the foreign exchange market comes with its pros and cons. There are some advantages to Forex trading, such as having longer periods of trading throughout the week and having high liquidity that allows you to exit markets with ease. The initial investment cost of Forex trading is also relatively low, but the increasing volatility in this market may be off-putting to some. Always do research to find out if the trading platform you want to use is regulated, and test out the market with a demo. Evaluate your personal investment goals and be aware of the risks prior to placing any money into the market, and you'll be able to decide if Forex trading is worth the risk for you.

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