My Thoughts on Prince Harry and Meghan's Decision

Harry and Meghan on Christmas Day 2017 (cropped)

Social media is abuzz with Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle, the Duke and duchess of Sussex, and their announcement about their decision to take a "step back as 'senior' members of the Royal Family, and work to become financially independent".

On my Facebook feed along I've seen comments by people saying that Meghan "bringing Harry down", that they are "counting the days till Harry realizes what an epic mistake he made by marrying Megan", that he is "turning his back on his country", that this is his legacy and she "knew what she was signing up for".

And of course the news is no different, with people saying that they are the "two most spoilt brats in history" and much else.

In short, it seems everyone and their mother (including the Monarchy) is extremely upset at their decision, and I wanted to weigh in with my thoughts.

I am sure, though, that when you saw the post title of this blog, you probably were confused, because my blog isn't about gossip and the latest news, so why am I getting into it now? What does it have to do with the topics I cover on my blog.

I have a list of posts ideas for this blog, and as I was scrolling through it the other day, I saw an entry entitled "What it's like to be famous" about my own experience being in the spotlight (which I still plan on writing about when I get a chance), and this is very similar to that, and it's something that felt very personal to me for quite a few reasons.

I quite admire the Prince and the Duchess and I have for a while, especially since they decided to become public about their struggles with mental health.

When someone struggles with mental health issues, it is extremely difficult to be in the spotlight. My spotlight is much, much smaller than theirs and I feel the difficulty. I can just imagine what it's like to have every single freaking thing about your life under intense scrutiny when you sometimes are struggling to keep your head above water emotionally. When sometimes just getting out of bed is a struggle, but you have to get up and not just face the world, but paparazzi too? That's hell.

I highly admire this couple for thinking long and hard about what they feel is necessary for them and their well-being, and taking steps to do so.

And yes, that means that their family is upset at them.

Too bad.

I've had to make decisions for my mental health that caused huge irreparable rifts in my family, and you know what? I don't care and I don't regret those decisions for one moment. I have only one life to live and I won't live it trying to please those around me especially if it comes at the expense of my mental health. Even if it alienates my family.

The fact that his family is royalty doesn't change anything. Fortunately we live in a time where the monarchy doesn't have absolute power and he can make that decision. (No "off with his head" remarks from the Queen.)

The fact that Harry was born royal doesn't mean that he isn't allowed to live his life as makes most sense to him, and works for him. He doesn't owe anyone anything. And it's not like he's in line for the throne anyhow. (And even if he was I'd still say the same.)

I do know some people think that a royal couple owes them because they are supported by the tax payers, but this couple specifically plans on not being supported by them, so there isn't that issue even. They are their own people, and they have the same rights and freedom as anyone else has. The public doesn't get to decide how they should live their life.

Basically, I truly empathize with Meghan and Harry, and I'm so glad they found each other and are on the same page. I'm glad they figured out a decision that works for them and their mental health instead of being slaves to public opinion, and I wish them lots of luck with all the changes ahead of them.

And to everyone who judges them, try putting yourself in their shoes. And I don't for a second think this wasn't fully Harry's idea, he's struggled with mental health for a long time. And see if you think you'd be able to be in the public spotlight constantly when you are struggling to be happy, healthy, and sane.

Hopefully then you'll change your mind.

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  1. I can’t agree. Meghan lied during the engagement interview - she said that people in the US didn’t know who the Royal family were.....which in itself is nonsense. Coupled with the fact that she later admitted to being a big admirer of the Princess of Wales.
    Whether second, third or 15th in line to the throne, Harry was born into a life of privilege. He knows full well that he had a duty to inform the Queen, his father & his brother of their decision yet he chose not to.
    There is no way on earth that either of them are going to make a living in the future that doesn’t in one way or another capitalise on their Royal status.
    In addition, they have not given any indication of how they intend to reimburse the British tax payers for the cost of their home; if they are not performing Royal duties they have no more right to live in that than you or I do, to live in Buckingham Palace.

    1. You seem rather angry about this. But assuming that a child is responsible to grow up and not have the freedom to choose what they do with their life seems a bit like slavery. Yes and expensive and well kept slavery but slavery none the less.

  2. I agree. We can't know what life will be like when we are engaged but we hope for the best and see the best. I was less worried about Meghan than Harry. Harry has been open about his mental health problems and his anger at the media for making his mother's life miserable. From the beginning I thought American biracial divorcee sounds like a person that the British tabloids would target, and they have, mercilessly. Harry was in Canada for six weeks and I am assuming no one bothered them. Harry didn't choose to be born into the royal family and it was the family that supplied the wealth and status, not him. Children are not to blame for their childhood and they should be able to live differently when they are adults. The British people appear to be very transactional in nature where royalty is concerned. I gave you something, now you owe me. The British people can choose not to have a monarchy but as long as they do they can't demand all members of the royalty get UK citizen permission to live their lives. You would think saying they want to support themselves would make people get off their backs, but no, now you want every dime Harry every received from the British people returned.

  3. So I have to admit, I don't quite get all the buzz. Is this not the same thing that Prince Andrew did last month? Ok, I get that they are younger/hipper/more in the spotlight. But I really think that all this attention is overkill. Whether we agree or not....should not matter. What real power do they have? They are curiosities...nothing more. Go live your lives. I feel more for the people who are so invested and interested in this....but not stressed in the least by the fact that a billion animals burned to death in Australia (and no....that number is not an exaggeration)!

  4. Do they still even live there? I thought they moved out.

  5. It's my understanding that the Royal family was very supportive of Mehgan but the issues that they are dealing with can't be resolved by the Royal family. from my observation Harry saw the media doing the same thing to Meghan that was done to his mother and I can completely understand him wanting to protect his family. Also it does seem like it has been difficult for her to follow Royal protocol when it comes to not having an opinion about certain issues so I could understand that that may have been a cause of some.strain on the family. I am unsure how they will become financially independent without capitalizing on their titles unless they are just focusing on investment portfolios or real estate. Both of which are very viable options for maintaining and growing your wealth. Those are the two that I choose (or would choose) to focus on.

  6. Harry has money that Lady Diana left for him.Also Meghan was an established actress on a syndicated show that can still probably been seen streaming on Netflix or something.she was a millionaire before she married Harry.I think it is great that they left England for Canada .She is not trying to be the Queen they have Kate for that and William. I think Princess Diana would be pleased not matter what the cook has said in public.

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