6 Simple (Yet Effective) Ways to Help Your Kids Get a Good Night's Sleep

Sleep issues with kids are the bane of my existence. Some great tips here from a reader on how to help your kids with their good night's sleep.

The second babies are born, most moms kiss sleeping goodbye because of the little ones’ schedule and the fact that they wake up every hour or two making it extremely hard to find time to rest. It’s only when they grow up a little that they tend to have longer hours of sleep; however, not all children are lucky to have that. Therefore, moms tend to try various methods on their children to afford a comfy environment for their bedtime.

So, if you’re a mom whose kids are struggling to enjoy sweet dreams at night, follow this article to find the best 6 effective solutions to this problem.

Schedule a bedtime routine

One of the most things that kids love is a bedtime routine. As a mom, all you have to do is teach them what needs to be done at a specific hour at night; it’s better if it’s around 8-9 pm and earlier if your child is an infant. Give them warm baths, tell bedtime stories or have chit chats asking about their day if they go to school. As soon as they feel the intimacy and love shown by you, they will automatically fall asleep every day at the same time.

White noise

Many moms tend to use this method on their kids, especially newborns to help them go to sleep. It’s simply a monotonous, repetitive sound that puts babies to sleep once they hear it in the background. These sounds can be hair dryers, laundry machines or fans. In fact, there are specialized fans that help you sleep with ease, if you tend to struggle to get a good night’s slumber. Also, you can download white noise applications on your phone which play different sounds. This tricky noise usually works on younger kids, yet sometimes mommies fall asleep listening to it!

No screens, no lights

Most kids love to play games on their computers, which is fine as long as it’s for a short period of time. However, if they play these games at a late hour, they will surely face troubles falling asleep. Your child should not be exposed to any blue screens, either from TV, computer or phone for at least one hour before bed. Studies have proven that exposure to light before, or during, bedtime can make it difficult for your kids’ brains to achieve deep sleep, which can negatively affect them; it can cause depression and anxiety in the long run.
Limit drinks time

A lot of moms witness their kids' journeys to the bathroom at night because of the number of drinks they had before going to bed. It’s better to limit your kids from having drinks like juices and water at
a specific hour so that they won’t be restless at night and find themselves waking up multiple times to go potty. Also, make sure your kids have a fulfilling dinner at least one hour before nighty-nighty time to guarantee that they’re full, and to avoid midnight hunger that can wake them up easily.

Caffeine is a no-no

Since we mentioned that drinks should be limited to a specific hour, caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee and energy drinks should be prohibited to your kids; they are the main cause of insomnia and disturbed sleep patterns. Caffeine can also be found in chocolates, so you should make sure your kids don’t have them in the afternoon or evening; they should be limited to mornings and early afternoons. Additionally, caffeine is a diuretic which causes then to need to wake up more often for the bathroom during the night as well.

Avoid long naps

Children who often go to school like to take long naps once they get home and have had lunch. Such naps make it difficult for them to sleep at night; therefore, you should make sure your kid doesn’t take a nap longer than 20 minutes in the afternoon; 20 minutes should be enough for them to regain their strength. Also, try to indulge your kids in physical activities after school time to help drain their energy; this will wear them out and cause them to fall asleep right away at night.

A good night’s sleep is considered to be one of the most important things in life for both adults and kids. However, most kids who suffer from lack of sleep are not able to figure out a solution to this problem. That’s why a mom should afford a relaxing and safe environment for her little ones to guarantee their well-being and healthy growth. Make your children feel secure by applying the above steps to achieve great results; a good night’s sleep improves your kids’ concentration and boosts their immune system.

What tips would you add to help kids sleep better at night?

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