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Fun Things To Do At A Dinner Party

I love dinner parties and like to host them on a semi regular basis. And while "just" having a meal is great, sometimes you want to have some plan of things to do at the party. This post sent in from a reader is chock full of great ideas for your next dinner party. Or you can even do them at home with your family over dinner!

Dinner parties are an excellent way to bring people together and enjoy a good conversation over meals. They can be formal for business conversations or a simple casual potluck with a few friends. Nonetheless, you can achieve a whole lot of things over dinner. All you need is to choose the right set-up that suits your guests’ preference and personal style to make the party lively and enjoyable for everyone attending.

Fun Things You Can Do At Dinner Parties

After you’ve chosen to host a dinner party, you’ll need to add a few elements to the fun. That may include food roulette, poker games, and other things that your guests may love. Here are a few fun ideas to make your dinner adventurous and exciting.

Break The Ice

When you invited guests who don’t know a lot about each other, you’ll need to start the party with an icebreaker. That goes a long way to help your guests relax, and you can quickly get acquainted. An excellent game to use for this is the one known as “Message under the Plate,” which involves writing a particular phrase on a slip of paper placed under every guest’s plate.

You’ll need to be creative and funny when writing the phrases and ensure your guests will have fun in the process. You can then ask the guests to use the phrase on their paper in their conversation before dinner begins. You can even make it a contest whereby the one who uses the phrase last loses.

Game Night

Instead of just inviting guests over for food, you can turn the party into a game night. Games are an exciting way of learning about each other and a fantastic way to start a conversation. Trivia games are a great idea at a dinner table, and everyone can share the fun. However, it may require some creativity to design questions that will interest your guests.

Dinner Party Wine Tasting

A wine tasting at a dinner party is an incredible way to spice up the night for your guests. You can serve cheese and different foods alongside the wines and create an unforgettable experience for your guests. Fresh fruits, cheese, and crackers are tasty choices that go well with wine as they’re also appetizers.

To ensure that nothing goes wrong, choose a healthy mix of foods that your guests love. A brief background of your wines also helps to make the event enjoyable as you serve it to your guests. For a special touch, give your guests a bottle of wine to take home.

Creative Food Ideas

Depending on the set-up, it’s fun for guests to prepare their deserts or foods. After the main course, you can have an ice-cream bar set up and let the guests run wild, creating their sundaes. You can set several toppings like whipped cream, fresh fruit, candy, and nuts to give your guests a variety and invoke the spirit of creativity while serving.

What are your favorite dinner party activities?

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  1. Thank you for so many great ideas, and for showing that entertaining on a strict budget is a lovely, necessary thing.


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