Space-Saving Ideas to Freshen Up Your Small Home

With people stuck at home for the forseeable future, many people might be getting irritated by things in their house and/or realize what things aren't working for them, especially if they have a small space. These are some good ideas from Nancy Evans on how to maximize your small space, and you can either get these done while stuck at home, or put them on your to-do list for when things return to normalcy.

Concerned with a lack of space and style in your small apartment, condo, or home? You don't have to be. Make an impact in your small space by maximizing every square inch of the room. A few simple adjustments are all that it takes to maximize space and find more room available. Homes, apartments, and condos get an incredible facelift and aesthetic boost with the space-saving ideas below. Even with a strict budget in place, the ideas below offer an affordable way to enhance your small space and add a decorative touch to your space.

Remove the Nightstand

Step into modern world style and take out that bulky nightstand from the bedroom. Don’t worry about space to hold the alarm clock, your glass of water and other nighttime necessities. Instead, replace it with a suspended nightstand! Your bedroom instantly gains space and modern appeal when you add a suspended nightstand. This idea is one that adds character and personality to the room.

Sliding Barn Door

Installing a sliding barn door in the home adds instant charm and personality. The sliding bypass barn door saves space when it replaces a traditional door. It doesn’t require the same swinging room that a traditional door requires, nor will it damage walls or block walkways. Sort through the myriad of bypass barn door hardware options and replace the door to boost the appeal in any room of your home.

A New Sleep Situation

Apartments and smaller homes tend to have smaller bedrooms as a result. To save floor space, consider using bunk beds or a loft-style bed instead. These bedding options are great for children and teens but also work well in guest rooms and the kids' rooms! You may even consider installing a loft bed in the living room or other room if the bedroom is off-limits or you need more space. If you’re crafty enough, building your own loft bed is a great weekend task that saves tons of money.

String Lights Replace Standing Lamps

Standing lamps save energy compared to overhead lights and with so many cool styles, provide decor to the home. Lamps also take up space that you can use for other purposes. String lights in the bedroom or living room replace standing lamps and reduce energy usage while saving floor space. String lights come in tons of styles and options so achieving the appeal that you want is simple.

Pull-Out Pantry

Don’t fret if your home lacks a pantry. This room is one that we all appreciate, but, sadly, do not all have access to use. Many people face this triumph but thanks to the myriad of pull-out pantry options, you can enjoy the same benefits even without an entire room. Several pull-out pantry options give you space to store all of your dry food items and canned goods and other items of your choosing.

Storage Under the Stairs

Modern stairs include pretty awesome inventions, such as built-in drawers on the first few steps or under-stairs storage. Consider this update and gain space to store the kids' toys, bikes, or other items that need a space in the home. The idea saves a tremendous amount of space and introduces your home to impressionable storage solutions.

Take Advantage of Cabinets and Drawers

Far too many people do not utilize the cabinet and drawer space available in their homes. Take a look in the kitchen or the bathroom, for example. How many empty spaces do you see? Take advantage of this empty space and easily regain counter space as you declutter the home. Nothing more than a bit of time is necessary to take advantage of your cabinetry and drawers. After everything is put away, you will have that clean, uncluttered look you desire.

Utilize the above ideas and turn your small space into a work of decorative art with plenty of room leftover for comfort. These space-saving ideas are a few of the many ways to save space and create a lavish place the entire family will love. Put your creativity to work and let the space-saving decoration begin!

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