Tips for Maintaining a Kiddie Pool

Summer is nearly upon us, and if you were thinking of ways to entertain your kids at home, kiddy pools are a great choice. Here's some tips from a reader on how to take care of your kiddie pool.

For most parents, having a kiddie pool doesn't seem to be a difficult thing. It's small and it holds a small amount of water. You don't have to pay a fortune or spend a whole lot of time to maintain it like you would a basic swimming pool.

However, underneath all the surface-level simplicity is the fact there's actually a lot more you need to do to keep it in the best condition possible.

After all, your kids deserve not only fun, but also safety and enjoyment. That said, here are a few ways to maintain a kiddie pool in time for the spring season.

Clean the water without chemicals

Pool owners know better than to let standing water alone. Unless you don't mind replacing water every now and then, you might as well keep the pool clean naturally. Commercial pool cleaners contain a variety of chemicals that might cause various skin problems especially for children with sensitive skin. One way you can get around this by using a vinegar mixture. Just a little bit would be enough to kill off microorganisms. You can also skim the surface to get rid of dead insects, leaves, and other debris that might contaminate the pool.

Fix pool cracks

Whether the pool is lined with tiles or concrete, it's important to check the pool from time to time in order to see if there are any cracks or damages that might injure the kids later on. While you can always hire a contractor to help you deal with these repairs, you can still do them on your own. You would be thankful you're not fixing an Olympic-sized swimming pool that requires underwater hydraulic tools. The smaller size of the kiddie pool makes the task easier. You just have to locate hollow points and fill them with caulk before you add the plaster and fill mixture.

Consider a few improvements

A kiddie pool isn't only a small body of water. It's also a spot for your kids to enjoy during hot summers. There's always room for improvement, so you might want to try out a few awesome ideas that can really make your pool stand out. For one, you can install a fountain that sprays water to the delight of your kids. You can also add in mounted water guns to really make things a lot more exciting.

Get a good pool cover

At night, frogs and other critters along with debris invade the pool and leave you with a mess that takes a lot of time to clean up. You can avoid any unnecessary work if you cover up the water to prevent animals from diving in and contaminating the pool. For sure, using a standard plastic cover isn't enough to keep these critters away. Likewise, mesh covers won't prevent 100% of the debris from falling into the water. You will need a pool cover that's durable and easy to set up to keep it safe. Choose one that's guaranteed to withstand the elements, from the hottest summers to the freezing winters. You may even consider a solar blanket if you have the budget.

Your kids deserve a pool they can access at any time of the day. But before you start digging a kiddie pool, you will need to get great ideas on how you can maintain it.

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