Using To Help Educate Your Children During the Coronavirus Shutdown

I think there right now in the world there is not a single person completely unaffected by coronavirus, and one of the biggest changes globally is how many schools are shut down. I've previously written about how I am trying to keep sane during this time, while trying to work from home and having my kids with me nearly full time, being forgiving of myself and not trying to be the perfect parent, which means mainly letting my kids do whatever they want, entertaining themselves, using screen time of their choice, but suggesting that they watch educational channels or use educational websites, and pretty much ignoring the schoolwork sent from their teachers, because it just wasn't doable.

However, I know that there are many parents who feel differently than I do, that really appreciate having their kids have structured learning, especially because it can keep their kids busy and on a schedule, often while their parents are trying to work. In my opinion, there's no one right way of doing things, but as I already wrote about my personal relaxed strategy for now, using a very child led, unschooling style, relaxed homeschooling during school closure, now I wanted to share some tips for people who are trying to keep their kids on a more strict learning regimen during this time.

Some school districts have already decided to switch over to entirely online learning until the end of the school year at least- there's no talk even of going back to school. These schools have lots of online classes, assignments, zoom meetings, etc.. to help kids with their learning at home. However, for people that are entirely new to this learning method, there's a learning curve of how to figure this out, because it takes different strategies than learning in the classroom, since there are many more challenges to this method, including many more distractions, background noises, the lack of many positives that kids get in school such as the social scene. Fortunately, has put together a list of independent learning strategies to help with this transition.

Fortunately or unfortunately, not every school district has online learning set up for their students, which can be problematic for kids that desperately want to keep learning and get ahead but aren't able to get that from their school. On the other hand, there are some schools that are already deciding to reopen- we got a message that our education ministry is planning on re-opening school, and there are quite a few parents who've decided that even if school re-opens, they aren't willing to send their kids and risk exposure, so then these kids will be missing out on what the rest of their class is learning, especially once the distance learning ends, in favor of in classroom learning. These parents may be looking for suggestions on how to make a learning plan for their kids, and this list of coronavirus resources will probably be extremely helpful.

If you do want to build your own curriculum for your child, and are happy with doing everything online, has a bunch of videos on so many different subjects from middle school and up that should be helpful.

Good luck!

What's the story with education in your area? Are schools canceled? Is there online learning? Are they resuming school? What is your plan about educating your children? Are you more relaxed or more structured? How is that going for you?

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