Pet owners! Are you familiar with the dangers of driving with your pet on your lap?

I have a lovely dog, Snickers. I love her. I want her to be safe and for our family to be safe, so I never would drive with her on my lap. Unfortunately, there still are many people that do drive with them on their laps; this post submitted by a reader elaborates the dangers in doing exactly that. 

If you have a dog, you'll know that they're not just a pet. They’re part of the family. They're like a child. We pamper them, feed them, cater to their every whim and love them unconditionally. And as owners, we get lots of love and companionship in return.

So, whenever we leave the house, the idea of leaving them behind simply won't be considered. And what dog doesn't love a drive in the car? Having your dog in the backseat of the vehicle is always the safest option, however, a staggering number of pet owners choose to drive with their dogs in the front seat and even on their lap.

But there's no harm in that, right? Wrong! Not only in some states is it illegal, but you're putting your dog's life and your own at risk – check out this website if you've been involved in an accident. Read on to discover the dangers of driving with your pet on your lap.

Airbag dangers

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a crash, then your airbag should deploy. However, if you have your dog on your lap then the airbag going off in their face could prove fatal or cause catastrophic injuries. Also, if the airbag hits your dog rather than you, then you're not going to be protected and you're likely to crush your dog on impact.

They could become a projectile

Even if you crash at 30mph, if your dog isn’t restrained properly and is sat on your lap then they could be thrown about the vehicle and not only hit you but any other passengers you have.

They might exit the vehicle

After a crash, your unrestrained pup will probably be frightened and their survival instincts will probably kick in. This means that while you’re trapped between the seat and the airbag, your dog might choose to exit the vehicle and run straight into oncoming traffic. Causing more danger and further accidents.

Prevent you from driving

Having a dog on your lap means that they're not restrained, and they can move around freely. It might not take much to frighten your dog or have them slip off your lap into the footwell, blocking the brake, steering wheel or gear stick.

They're distracting

Distracting driving causes thousands of accidents each year and having a dog on your lap and in the front of the car is incredibly distracting. You’ll be unable to keep your eyes on the road and may miss the opportunity to react in time to danger.

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