Wednesday, June 24, 2020

5 Affordable Gift Ideas for Daughters

Gifting. Sometimes its easy, but sometimes its really hard to think of that perfect gift for your special someone. Here's some ideas for gifting your daughters, sent in by a reader.

It's hard to shop for kids, especially when you're on a tight budget. Kids and teens can be picky, especially daughters. If they have expensive tastes, it can be even more difficult to find them something they will love for a fair price.

However, shopping affordably is not impossible. with the right inspiration and ideas, you can find the perfect present that won't break the bank.

Next time you're shopping for something to give to your daughter or niece, here are five ideas to help you find something perfect.

1 - Jewelry

Some jewelry is expensive, but you can find beautiful "fake" gems and even real ones for reasonable prices. What better birthday gift than something with their birth stone?

If you don't know which stone goes with your daughter's birthday, check out this birthstones for 12 months guide. When you find out that your daughter is Sapphires for September, rubies for July, etc., you can find mock gems to match these beautiful colors.

For slightly older girls, like preteens and adolescents, jewelry makes an amazing gift.

2 - Toys

This one seems kind of obvious, but that's okay. Kids love toys, especially something cute like Tentacle Kitty plush toys, and only you and your daughter will know the types of toys she would like. Some toys are very expensive, but you can often find generic or "used" versions for affordable prices.

Check places like online networks like ebay and Amazon, which host users selling like-new and never-opened editions of toys. You can find a lot of great toys and hand-me-downs if you know where to look.

3 - Arts & Crafts

Who doesn't love to get creative? You can encourage your daughter's creative side with some paints, clay, crayons, or whatever other art form you think she might enjoy.

There are affordable kits that you can buy, or something like a Paint By Numbers set if you want something easy but fun. You could also piece together your own kit with dollar store items to help her creativity flourish.

Maybe your affordable gift will lead to a creative and lucrative future.

4 - Make-Up & Beauty Items

There are playtime "make up" kits for young girls with sparkly lip glosses and eye shadows, and many little girls love them. You can find them in most shops, but this is one item you don't want to get thrifted.

Look for affordable stores in your area to go shopping. Your daughter will appreciate one lipstick or brush coupled with a gift card. You'll jumpstart her collection, and she'll have money off towards favorite products.

5 - Books

Another way to encourage your daughter to expand her mind is to get her a good book. Books are common in garage sales and thrift stores, and some smaller bookstores sell great books at even better prices.

Buy her some classic children's and young adult series, like Harry Potter or Percy Jackson, and show her how wonderful the world of reading can be. If there is something your child loves, like animals or fairy tales, look for books that will appeal to those interests.

Books are an inexpensive way to provide an invaluable source of entertainment to your kids. Encourage her to read at a young age, and she just might develop a lifelong passion for literature.


It's normal to want to spoil your kids, especially daughters, but you might worry about going overboard. With these affordable ideas and a little creativity, you can find or make amazing gifts for your children that they'll love for years to come.

Make them feel special, encourage their creativity, and you'll keep your bank account happy.

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