An Awesome Frugal Haul From The Scratch And Dent Store!

I haven't left my house much these days because of Coronavirus, and because of my reluctance to take public transportation now, I haven't left my town much at all. The few times I did get to the city, I decided to check out the scratch and dent stores, but unfortunately I didn't find much there of use to my family.

Today, though one of the stores didn't have much by way of groceries my family would enjoy, the other scratch and dent store had some things that really excited me.

Here's the thing.

It's so useful to have a good relationship with store owners, especially frugal shops like scratch and dent stores. Not only do you sometimes get special sales, they also often point out to you dirt cheap items that are up your alley that you might have otherwise missed.

Take this shop today.

I walk in and see that they have bottled flavored Arizona iced tea for a mere 29 cents a bottle! On top of that, each of these bottles includes a bottle deposit fee, so after paying 29 cents each, I can bring them to the grocery store and get 9 cents back. So basically they're 20 cents a bottle.

Of course I can make my own drinks. I do on a regular basis. This one is a family favorite. But sometimes I just don't want to make something. And sometimes I want something I can just grab and take with me. And sometimes my kids want something special, and you know, it isn't special when mom makes it but if its store bought, it rocks.

So basically I took as many as I could carry.

When I went to the manager to get a shopping basket, he took one look at me and said "I know you and I know what you like, you like good quality gluten free items; you might have missed out on these things" and then pointed out some more terrific deals.

For example, these certified gluten free vegan chocolate covered wafers, that were 95 cents per package. Of course I bought some. 12 packages to be exact.

Then he pointed out the gluten free vegan white chocolate covered coconut bites, in individual packages for 29 cents each. I bought 10, hopefully my kids will like them.

Lastly, there were these bars of gluten free vegan white chocolate. I love white chocolate, but unfortunately, of all chocolate, it gives me the biggest stomach aches. That or its basically margarine in a stick. These white chocolate bars are without ingredients I find objectionable, and did I mention that they cost 57 cents a bar? That's 20 bars for me.

When I went to pay, the manager mentioned something about my posting stuff about my shop, that I've done it before, and if I do it again he'd be appreciative of it, and I told him there's no need to ask me to do that, I would post about it anyhow, because any local people who are gluten free and/or vegan, or both, or even if not, and just like frugal things, would probably appreciate this haul.

Yup, some people might look at my shop and say "What? Just junk?" But to them, I say "Read this post where I talked about buying 180 chocolate bars." You might find it enlightening.

Have you gotten any great deals lately? What were they? 

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  1. Good for you! It's good to hear what you've been up to and I hope your children enjoy the goodies as all kids need goodies here and there.

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