Adding Personality to Your Child's Room

If you want to make your kids' room nice, you might think that doing so would be extremely costly. However, here's some suggestions from Nancy Evans on how to update your kids' room without breaking the bank.

Decorating Your Child's Room

Decorating a child's room can be a fun but somewhat stressful project. You get to create a fantasy dream room for your mini you while staying on a budget. And whether you have a son or daughter can determine what options are available. Their age can determine how simple and childlike their room will be. But there are several things you can do to give their room some personality and make it unique to them. From paint to decor, furniture to the walls, there are plenty of ways to have fun and be creative.

Barn Door Hardware

One thing to give your child's room some personality can be a barn door using modern barn door hardware. Whether or not you're a country family, it can be a unique touch that might not be found in every child's room. And having a barn door for a sliding closet door makes even more of a reason for the hardware. It's something different to complement their space.

Decorating the Walls

A second thing to give your child's room some personality can be wallpaper or wall art. Put up some wallpaper of their favorite cartoon characters or some kind of decorative art that they would appreciate. Boys could have race cars or superheroes while girls have flowers or Disney princesses. Or if you're the artistic type, you could paint some wall art. Paint out some abstract designs with their favorite colors. Make a mural that displays some of their interests. You could even add some simple but fun wall decorations.

Fun Bedding

A third thing to give your child's room some personality can be their beds. Just like with the wallpaper, their beds can have a comforter and pillow that features characters from their favorite TV shows. This could be Ninja Turtles, Dora the Explorer, Frozen, or whatever else they've enjoyed watching. Aside from their bedding, there are fun bed frames such as race cars and canopy beds for them to fall asleep in. It can also make a cool hang out place for when they're in their room.

Decorating the Furniture

A fourth thing to give your child's room some personality can be the furniture in the room. A child is likely to have a toy box of some kind in their room. Maybe you'll be able to find some kind of unique or fun themed container for them to store all their toys in. If you've got a toy box already and have no reason to spend money on a new one, remodel it, paint it, or maybe add some stickers to spice it up a bit. The same thing can be done to their dresser. Maybe the dresser can be painted to match the walls. Older kids may have a desk and chair in their room.

Name or Initial Decorations

A fifth thing to give your child's room some personality can be incorporating their name or initials into the room's decor. Younger children can have their name painted across the wall. You can find some letter wall decor to spell out their name or display their initials on the wall for older kids. Their initials can be included in wall art. There really is no limit to what options you can find in terms of spelling out their name or having their initials.

Giving Your Child's Room Personality

These are just five of the many options to give your child's room personality. The age of your child will likely determine how you choose to decorate. A five-year-old girl's room will be different than a ten-year-old girl's room. It's going to take a bit more to satisfy a ten-year-old girl than just pink and purple flowers covering the walls and dresser. They're likely to be more interested in patterns and certain color combinations. They may like to have some glitter and sparkle decorating their room. Whatever you decide to add to your child's room, hopefully, they will love how their room looks. You will look back and realize that you enjoyed putting it together and seeing their excited reaction to the end result.

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