Thursday, July 9, 2020

Are you sitting on a goldmine? Household items you can sell for extra money

Short on cash and not sure how to make things better? How about try to sell some stuff that you have in our house? This post from a reader  gives some good suggestions about the best types of items you can sell.

Everyone will go through moments in life when money is tight, and you may be struggling to get through each month. In times such as these, it can be very difficult to find work or additional ways to make some extra money. The global economy has been severely hit by the recent pandemic, and companies and businesses the world over are tightening their purse strings.

If you find yourself in the difficult situation of needing to bring in some quick extra money, then why not start in your own home. There are loads of household items that can be sold for good amounts of money, and you could actually be sitting on a pretty packet. It all depends whether or not you want to part with certain objects, but if you have a house full of things you rarely use, now might be a good time to consider selling some of it.

Below we will go through some of the most popular household items that sell well and often for a nice amount.


Everyone will have clothes in their wardrobe that they no longer wear. Whether it's due to the fact that they don’t fit anymore, or the fashion has changed, it’s a fair bet that there are many items in your wardrobes that are simply taking up space. Providing that they are in good condition without any major damage, you could pick up some nice extra cash for selling them, either online, local stores or garage sales.


The toy industry is one of the biggest in the world and each year parents around the world spend huge amounts of money on toys and games for their kids. Some of these old toys could actually be worth a fair amount. There is a great demand for vintage toys and collectibles, and you could be sitting on a small fortune without realizing it. For example, some very rare Star Wars figures from the 1980s could be worth hundreds of dollars and more.


Lots of people have various art in their homes such as paintings, sculptures or pottery. Not everyone is going to have a Picasso gathering dust in their store room, but there are some items that have a good value to collectors or interior designers who are looking to furnish particular homes or offices.

Fitness Equipment

This is an industry that thrives at the start of each year, with people all over the world promising themselves that they will start to get into better shape and lead healthier lifestyles. Unfortunately, many people never make it past the first few months of the year, and all that expensive gym and fitness equipment that they purchased in January just lies about taking up space in the garage. If you are not using it or planning to use it, you should consider cashing it in. And who knows, maybe the next time you do pick up such equipment, you might follow through and use it for the long term.


This is one of the most popular household items that people look to sell if they are in need of some extra money. Whether you have a large collection and plan to sell designer jewelry like Tiffany & Co, or simply a couple of bracelets or rings that you no longer wear, there is potentially very good money to be made in jewelry.

Records / CDs

Music is an industry that continues to thrive, but today is mainly centered around digitally available music. Gone are the days when you could walk into your local record shop and browse through all the latest vinyl albums by your favourite artists. However there is very good money to be made from collectable records and to a lesser extent CDs. Many original records from bands such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones can be worth a fair share, as long as they are in good condition.

Old Video Games

There has been a booming industry over the past decade for all things retro, and old gaming consoles and video games is one such part of this market. Some of the very first original game consoles are highly collectable. If you have an old console that has been sitting around in a box in your store room for the past 10 years, it’s well worth digging it up and checking if it’s something that has any value.

There are lots of other items you may have in your home that are valuable and can bring in some extra income. One way to get an idea of if you have something of value is to have a look online. eBay is a good place to check and see what similar items to yours are selling for. It’s not easy letting go of sentimental items, but if there are things that are merely collecting dust and taking up space, you might want to consider selling them.