Basic Tips Every Dog Owner Should Know Of

I love having a dog. We've had our dog Snickers for 2 years now, and she is an integral part of our family life. But to say it's only a breeze to have a dog isn't true- there are some more challenging parts, so here's some tips from a reader to help you with some of those challenges.

Being a proud dog owner involves much more than simple, albeit sweet, cuddling sessions. Yes, having a dog that follows you around and comforts you when you are feeling down is pretty cute, but that does not mean that you do not have big shoes to fill as its owner! Because dogs depend on their human parents for basically everything, you need to make sure that you are up for the task.

It can be challenging for first-time owners to know what they should do to keep their furry friends happy, but fortunately, you do not have to sweat it anymore. With our simple guide and useful hacks, you can become the best and most dependable dog parent out there. Just keep on reading to know more.

Consider Kennel Training

Kennel training, also known as crate training, is a fantastic way of making sure that your dog remains safe when you are sleeping or at work. The crate acts like a den or a safe space for your dog, and most breeds have no trouble adapting to the training. To kick-start the process and guarantee that everything goes smoothly, there are some tips you can try. First off, get a crate that is big enough for your dog. It should be able to stand and easily move around inside the crate. Next, make the crate inviting by putting your puppy’s favorite toys and food inside.

Keep in mind that it is a gradual process, so don’t expect your dog to stay inside the crate for hours early on. Gradually increase kennel time until you can close the crate’s door without making the dog agitated.

Find a Good Vet

Dogs require special medical attention throughout their lives. For this reason, you should find a vet you can trust early on. Even if your dog seems to be in good shape, you should take it for regular checkups anyway because there might be an underlying problem that you are not aware of. This is especially the case for breeds that are known for having genetic health problems. For example, cocker spaniels usually suffer from orthopedic and cardiovascular conditions.

As a responsible owner, you should monitor these issues and report them to your vet promptly. Moreover, don’t forget to keep track of your dog’s vaccinations to eliminate the risk of many preventable diseases.

Spay or Neuter It

Thanks to their adorable antics, puppies can make anyone’s heart melt. However, you should leave breeding to the experts, meaning you must neuter or spay your dog. This process has many health benefits, which is why vets recommend that you do not wait until your dog reaches puberty to do it. For instance, spaying or neutering your fluffball can prevent it from developing certain types of cancer, especially in females, extending its lifespan and giving you more years to spend with your favorite companion. Furthermore, it reduces the number of puppies that do not have a shelter. Overall, spaying or neutering your dog is the responsible thing to do

Learn How to Give It a Bath

Baths should be a staple part of your dog’s care routine. Some owners believe that frequent baths, whether daily or weekly, provide the best results. Yet, in the helpful blog post “How To Bathe A Puppy – A Step By Step Guide,” the folk at Puppy Joy point out that a monthly bath is all your dog needs to stay clean and free of any pesky bugs. An important tip, though: Don’t use products made for humans when bathing your dog because they can irritate its skin, causing it to lose fur. Instead, always use shampoos specially made for pets, and get a brand that suits your furball’s skin if it suffers from any allergies.

Provide Good Nutrition

Most dogs like dry food, but they should not solely depend on it. In this regard, you should offer yours with a balanced diet that includes both wet and dry food. If your buddy is a picky eater, many great homemade recipes are bound to entice it to eat. They are also cost-effective and can save you more money in the long run when compared to canned food. You can also use high value treats like the ones from Additionally, you can incorporate supplements into its diet to improve its overall health.  However, before doing so, run it by your vet to guarantee that the supplements you are planning to administer are safe.

Make Sure That Your Home is Safe

Whether you already have a dog or plan on welcoming one into your home soon, you need to ensure that its living space is devoid of any pet hazards. Dogs are curious by nature, which can lead to extremely fun and YouTube-worthy moments when they are in the process of discovering a new environment. However, this natural curiosity may also be a recipe for disaster if your dog is interested in discovering an area it is not supposed to be in.

For example, leaving your washing machine open may entice your dog to sleep in it, especially if it is a small breed and can fit in it quite easily. There are many horror stories online about owners who started their washing machines, failing to notice that their dogs were hiding inside! So, keep it closed unless you plan to turn it on shortly. You should also consider removing your indoor plants because your dog might end up being poisoned if it chews on them. You can find many videos online detailing how to adequately pet-proof your house. As a starting point, though, make sure that you install doors on your fireplace to prevent your dog from getting too close to that fire source.

Be Patient

It is easy to think that your new friend will adapt to your rules and follow your commands right from the start, but this is just wishful thinking. In the first few months, expect some behavioral issues to rear their ugly head. It is recommended that you remove any carpets in your house until your dog learns to control its bladder and bowel movements. If it shows signs of aggression or stress, you should consider consulting a certified dog trainer. In any case, refrain from punishing it and shower it with love instead. Positive reinforcement is the key to building good habits. 

Having a dog can certainly fill your house with joy and make it feel like a real home. Because being a dog owner is not always easy, it might help you to follow our previous tips. Most importantly, you have to treat your new friend as a part of the family and make sure you spend plenty of time with it. By giving our hacks a try, your furball will be the happiest doggie in the world!

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