The Great Outdoors – Affordable Activities For Scrimping Families

Summer for everyone is usually complicated, figuring out how keep families entertained, and even more difficult when you need to do it on a budget. This year, with corona restrictions and safety precautions it is even harder, but one thing that still works are activities in nature. Here's some frugal nature activities you may want to do with your family the rest of the summer.

When it comes to household budgeting, recreation is often near the bottom of the priority list. As CBS outline, 40% of American families struggle to afford their housing, utilities, food and healthcare, meaning that money for fun is often in short supply. While the consumer markets throw out countless products that shape the idea of what ‘fun’ is, what’s also true is that there’s a huge world out there begging to be discovered. With a bit of creativity, families can have lots of fun while still sticking to a stringent budget

Cycling outdoors 

A great way to experience the outdoors is with the wind in your hair, and cycling is a great way to achieve that. Cycling doesn’t have to be expensive, either. For families with some money in the bank, there are lots of great outlets that you can purchase bikes from at a great rate. Just be sure you get the right product; this is especially important for kids, where bikes should only weigh, at maximum, 32% of your child’s weight. Aside from that, bike share schemes are revolutionizing urban and outdoor activity. The Conversation note the presence of bikes in several major US cities, many of which are good for taking on outdoor trails and long rides. This, plus through charity, creates a situation where you can get on the road for free or at a big discount.

Camping and walking

What if you don’t want to go bike riding? Consider taking a night out in the wilds. Camping, with the right preparation, is completely safe and, potentially, free. In certain parts of the USA, the climate is such that you can camp under open stars with nothing more than a sleeping bag. Using materials from the surrounding area, you can create a campfire and have an experience in which the family bonds and you learn a little about your surroundings. Just make sure to practice common sense and safety – if you do need camping gear, this can often be procured through charitable means or via outdoors resellers.

The park

Many families are too busy with work to get out of the city. An alternative is to visit the closest city park. While this can seem underwhelming, parks have a demonstrable range of benefits. They invite physical activity, have good air quality, and encourage social gathering. Studies have shown that the existence of parks encourages people to try out these activities more and that families benefit as a whole. Moving away from the family home for even a few hours and enjoying the air, grass and social differences around you can be a good way to enjoy recreational time and take time away from the humdrum of day-to-day life.

The great outdoors is something many Americans take for granted in the face of consumerism. However, it can be both the remedy and the goal when it comes to boredom and recreation. Be creative, take time out from the home to enjoy green spaces, and you’ll feel better in the long run. What's more, you'll have a happy, engaged family.

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