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7 Reasons Why You Should Let A Tutor Teach Math To Your Children

I've been a math tutor. I've been homeschooled math so I got taught one on one. I had a tutor when I was learning a particularly hard portion of math. And having been with all that, I can tell you just how different math with a tutor is than math in a classroom. If your children are struggling with math, and math isn't your strong field, here's why you might want to consider get your child a math tutor. Oh, and even if you are good at math, often it is much easier to get children to sit down to learn with a tutor than with mom or dad.

Math is one of the most important classes students take. The skills acquired from this course are becoming increasingly critical in determining a student’s level of success in high school and the world beyond. This explains the level of distress felt by many parents when their children struggle with their math classes.

Many students will readily admit that math is their least favorite subject. As a matter of fact, some will give any excuse just to skip the class. It’s no wonder that math is one of the most commonly failed subjects. This may be because most students find it difficult to memorize long lists of formulas, or because the subject builds quickly on previous concepts and it's very easy for students who fall behind in one topic to become lost and unable to understand future topics.

Teachers often find it difficult to tailor their lessons to suit each student's style and pace because of the large number of students they have to teach at the same time.This is why many parents hire math tutors or enroll their children in online maths tutoring to coach their children and help them better understand the subject. Read on to see the various reasons why you should hire a math tutor for your child.

Importance Of Hiring A Math Tutor For Your Children

1. One-On-One Learning

One of the greatest drawbacks of classroom learning is the teacher's inability to give each student their full attention. In a class of about 20-30 students, the teacher can't design their lesson to suit each student's learning method and pace. They generally adopt one method that they believe will work for the entire class.

However, since students learn in different ways and pace, some may find it difficult to understand a certain topic if the teacher uses only one method to explain it. When you hire an algebra tutor online, for instance, the tutor will ensure that the lesson is customized to suit your child's learning pace. Your child will also enjoy the tutor's undivided attention, unlike in a classroom setting where your child has to compete with other students for the teacher's attention.

Some teachers may not bother to go over the topic one more time if a large percentage of the class understands it. Sometimes. in order not to appear dull and slow in comparison, your child may give in to pressure and join the class in chorusing that they understand the topic when actually they don’t. This is why you need a math tutor who will be able to patiently go over every formula and concept until your child fully grasps it.

2. Boosting Self Confidence

Students who constantly have low scores in math tend to have a low level of confidence, may unconsciously begin to hate the class, and dread going to school simply because they want to spare themselves the agony of getting another embarrassing test score.

This can negatively affect their overall academic performance. By getting your child a math tutor, you can help them improve their overall academic performance just by boosting their confidence level when it comes to solving math problems.

Since private tutoring allows your child a one-on-one learning experience, they can speak up and ask the tutor questions that they probably won't be comfortable asking in class. As a result, they learn better and performs better. As your child's performance improves, so will their confidence. They can become excited about the subject and begin to look forward to school instead of dreading it.

3. It Improves Study Habits

The saying that practice makes perfect is even more true when it comes to solving math problems. Consistency in studying is a non-negotiable factor for students who want to improve their performance. Most students struggle with math because they fail to familiarize themselves with the basic formulas and concepts associated with the subject.

It’s very easy for children to get tired and frustrated when left to solve difficult problems on their own. Especially during this period, when children can't go to school due to COVID-19, many parents are thinking of how to homeschool kids after school closure. This is another benefit of hiring a tutor. A good math tutor will carefully guide your child to study each concept or formula until he fully understands it.

A MAT tutor will also help your child have adequate time to practice difficult problems. The more they practice, the more likely they’re to understand the subject. Once you can get your child to cultivate a good study habit, your problem is already half solved.

4. It Helps Your Child To Develop A Strong Foundation Early

Children begin forming a foundation for future years right from primary school. It’s important to build a strong foundation at this stage because if your child gets it wrong at this early stage, it may become even more difficult for them as they progress to higher classes.

One advantage of hiring a math tutor for your child is that it helps them address topics that may be a little too complex for them to grasp in the class. A child who has problems understanding the basic principles of addition and subtraction, for instance, will be unable to solve more difficult problems. A private tutor can help circumvent this problem.

5. It Allows Your Child To Learn In A Low-Pressure Setting

Being in a comfortable learning environment contributes a great deal to how well your child grasps what they’ve been taught. Many students often feel reluctant to answer questions in class not because they have no idea but because they’re scared of getting it wrong and being embarrassed in front of their classmates.

This is another benefit of hiring a math tutor. Tutoring will offer your child the opportunity to learn in a relaxed environment with no pressure from other students. They can learn faster because they can ask more questions without any fear of been embarrassed.

This is also very helpful for nervous or shy children who don't ask questions in class. With a tutor, they get to practice asking questions outside the classroom, and when they notice the level of encouragement they get from their tutor, their confidence builds up, they may begin to become more active in class.

6. It Gives Room For More Personalized Feedback

Hiring a tutor will give your child the benefits of getting regular prompts and feedbacks that support their learning process. When they do well, the tutor commends them and encourages them to do better when performing poorly.

This makes them feel valued and spurs them to want to do more. Parents also enjoy better feedback as a tutor will certainly tell you how well your child is doing better than a class teacher. You learn your child's area of strength and weakness and how the tutor is helping them overcome them.

7. Maximum Flexibility

One of the reasons many children hate math is the number of hours and days dedicated to it in a week. They feel compelled to study it in class even when they're tired. Hiring a math tutor will help your child in this regard. When you hire a tutor, you enjoy choosing the time and number of days that your child learns.

You don't have to pressure your child as you can work around their schedule. Unlike in a classroom setting, you can change the number of hours or days that your child has his lessons. You also have the privilege of requesting a new tutor if you feel that your child isn't getting along well with his tutor.


Math is a technical subject that requires constant practice and maximum concentration for students to understand. Because of the distractions present in a classroom setting, many children fall behind in different areas of the subject, making them struggle with the entire subject. Before deciding to hire a math tutor, most parents will want to be double sure that the benefits far outweigh the cost. The above-listed points will help you understand why it’s important for you to hire a math tutor for your children.

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